Thursday, December 31, 2009


So the new year is upon us. I have the willies and will be hiding under a carpet somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard. Did an edit with Supreme One the other night with NYE love in mind. He showed up at my house with a vinyl rip of "Rejoice" by the Emotions and we smoothed out the rough edges.
I am hoping to get my top 50 of the 2000's list up in the next few hours. If not... enjoy the night and take it easy cuz it's a full moon.

Here it is:
Rejoice(Scott_Supreme EDIT) by Kountry3astern
or Divshare:


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nobody sections Superhans...

Hey so here's another one of my favs from the last few years...

Lindstrom's "Plague The Kid" E.P. featured one of my favorite dub/disco cuts ever "Paaskelyd". Though more than 10 minutes long, this track morphs one element at a time into a smoldering disco blaze. whatever that is. Just don't section me.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

And now for some not so new...

Got all excited about the whole decade thing for a couple days and decided to upload some cuts form the last ten years. Here's "Deep Burnt" from Pepe Braddock's 1999 Atavisme release. Ah yes, seems like yesterday.

Pepe Braddock-"Deep Burnt"

Friday, December 18, 2009

Beat Broker remixes Zeuz & Apollo

Beatbroker is definitely up for remixer of the year. Everything the man touches is gold, or platinum, uridium... whatever precious metal you wanna call it. This delicious remix of easy listening/cosmic luminaries Zeus & Apollo's track "The Violet Sequence" is really gorgeous and is a must hear. I am also extremely excited to find that Zeus & Apollo is none other than Dwell Magazine Editor in Chief Sam Grawe. I got a little giddy upon realising this as I am a HOOOOOOOGE Dwell fan! If this don't retune the resonance of your DNA nothing will.

Zeus & Apollo-"The Violet Sequence(Beatbroker's winterbeard dub)"

Sunday, December 13, 2009

He who's remixes are better than the Originals. . .

That Guy I know. Keeping with the, 'Music I Hear In My Head But Am Not Skilled Enough To Get Down In A Timely Fashion' theme here at LMQM. This Guy I Know does remixes of pop songs that really couldn't be any better. He then pulls some sort of 'well if by yes you mean no then, maybe' type fanciness on you and forces you to guzzle a quart of tequila and cry for hours. What a bastard.
AKA Derek Riddle, This Guy is responsible the best remix I've yet heard of #1 candidate for 'Contrived Earth-Pop Anthem of the Year' Accolade "We Are The People" by the previously mentioned Empire of the Sun. If anyone can think of a way to get this remix of of my/your head... please feel free.
I am always sayng how it's all about simplicity and blah blah... well. Simple is as simple does but TGIK's remixes kick ass.
Here's a little taste....

Empire Of The Sun-"We Are The People(TGIK REMIX!)

Mark Morrisson-"Return of the Mack(TGIK REMIX!)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sorcerer gives Aural.

Like to start off with the fact that I'm having a hard time writing this post. Keep laughing to myself like an idiot. Can you still say idiot? Or has it been taken out of the game? Put in the PERIOD box? 20 lashes with a do wet nap.
It's hard for my elderly brain to quantify 'new?' talent such as the good Sorcerer Jenkins. Do I cry and run for the hills because some 'kid' from San Fran is taking people to school. Perhaps I need to address my jealousy issues, mainly that he lives near to the only 2 really thriving record stores in USAz. (That's be amoeba 1 & amoeba 2... my alma mata .sp?)
His songs keep distracting me. In fact. Sorcerer Jenkins has managed to already succeed. He has written the music you were hearing in your head 2 years ago. Channeling, whether purposefully or not, ghosts of Durutti Column, Steve Miller...
you know what?
I'm not going to go through the motions... you're reading this so you might trust me. if not... well.
His tracks are available at Amoeba in San Fran and Berkeley. He also has music coming out of the mighty
TIRK Records

With no further ado...

Sorcerer Music-"Mystical Pop"
Steve Miller Band-Something Special (Sorcerer's Version)"
Sorcerer Music-"I Dream Star"

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I found the three albums featuring the songs below at my local antique dealer a few days ago. Strangely enough I've owned copies of all three before finding them in a small group in the back of the $.25 bin the other day. Due to the embarrassing state of my record collection I opted for a secondary purchase rather than spending the next 3 days searching (possibly to much avail). I can probably get a good buck for the Budgie EP anyways. so :P

This is Joan Armatrading's song which she told me that she wrote about me. We're in love.

Aztec Two Step are another prolific and hauntingly talented Boston folk/rock/whatever duo from the 70's and on. I would HIGHLY recommend the purchase of their eponymous album upon first opportunity as it's really tremendous, and like the self titled album of Budgie(below artist) the highly trained ear can have a field day combing it for clues into the future of pop music. Basically what I'm saying is that every single song on the album gives quite a bit more than a subtle insight into the source of inspiration for artists like Michael Mayer... bla bla bla.

Budgie's first album "It's Budgie" was recorded in the same studio as Black Sabbath's first full length and is considered to be the first heavy metal album EVEEEEAAAAR. THAT'S right fools. This is not from that album, but if it was it would still not rock because I chose it for it's peaceful cmoplement to the other twoz. However their other songs rock. If you have the patience... I posted the entire "It's Budgie" album about a year ago in WAV form and it can be located on said blog.

these are some albums I've been listening to in the last week. didnt' have time to rip them. maybe I will tommorrow.

nighty night

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We Are The People... Laurie Laptop Cover.

**Just to note this posting exists due to a spine chilling cover of the below mentioned song by Laurie Laptop. Any below criticism rests solely on my desire to 'show the world' that I can hear things that aren't there and 'be down'with things that are 'cool'**

This is a cover of the amazing )))WE CAN SAVE THE WORLD and make money off it at the same time((( ANTHEM "We Are The People" by Empire of the Sun. Don't know if MGMT and Nick Littlemore had some sort of Bilderberg Group-like summit or something before they decided to unleash the less-than-subtley capitalising on 'their' Mayan, 2012 pre-freakout sub-genre of "electro/disco" (not my noun-jectives). If you ask me, Empire of the Sun sounds strikingly and suspiciously like something across between Echo and the Bunnymen and The Church.
We certainly don't have to point out the obvious conceptual similarities between MGMT and EOTS. Do however find the similarities between EOTS and fellow Aussies The Church as well as Echo and the Bunnymen to be way too much to overlookz. Was a big church fan back in my formative years, yes even before Donnie Darko... wow. And also a big EBM fan

I can think of which EBM song it is but there one in which sounds a LOT like Luke Steele of EOTS/Sleepy Jackson.
Gotta be an obvious one, a hit otherwise why'd they copy it...maybe this one...

Somewhere in there is the point that with bullets like those in your chamber and a hot line of pseudo 2012 unltra-noia... ya just can't help but make awesome popz musikz.
managed to get pretty far from the point on that one.

I was in fact not introduced to this song by the commercial (for vw or an 'Ipawd' or something?) but by a cover from Laurie Laptop I ran across one day on soundcloud.
Mr. Laptop is quite the prolific producer out of Manchester...
I'm just ripping this from his bio page...

"Laurie Laptop is a DJ, musician and producer based in Manchester, UK. Starting out as a DJ in 1988, he has gone on to co-write, record and produce numerous tracks with The Durutti Column amongst others. He now records and writes in his own studio and is currently working on a film score for up and coming cinematic genius Steven Manford. "

For those of you that don't know, Durutti Column was on the world famous Factory records back in the 80's, label of Joy Dicision, New Order, ACR. He makes great music and I think I did a post about a year ago about him. but enough digressing.

Laurie is a helluva nice guy and if you check his SOUNDCLOUD page you'll be pretty blown away by his range of production (there's alot available for download aswell). He's kind of coined a very icy-warm sort of computer-dub sound that I can't remember hearing anywhere else.

Here's a stellar version of "We Are The People" which really captures aforementioned ice-dub sound by Laurie Laptop. If it wasn't for Laurie I never would've heard of empire of the sun.

Empire Of The Sun-"We Are The People (Laurie Laptop's Version)

Sunday, December 6, 2009


It's snowing .

bt smhw?

thia ia not my beautiful life.

M inistry-"psalm 69"
M inistry-"Just1Fix"


Here's the link to the mix I made for the MYSTICAL! guys show this morning. I am presently at the MAC store in the Northshore shopping ctr. god help me.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Check me out 5 am EST on in Yogjakarta, Idonesia.

I recently met a really hardworking and talented dj/music afficianado out of Yogjakarta, Indonesia named Bintang. Along with dj Ones, Bintang does a weekly dj mix broadcast on called MYSTICAL! They are into some really great music and if I didnt know any better I'd think they were broadcasting from Brooklyn or something. It gives me warm fuzzies to know that there are people on the direct opposite side of the planet into the same stuff we are here in (presently snowy) Boston.
Last week's MYSTICAL! featured fellow East coaster Nick Chacona and this sunday for their 7th broadcast they've asked me to put together some content. It's been awhile since making a mix so this was a good excuse to put together some really great new music. You'll hear unreleased stuff from Rayko, Eddie Mars, Ray Burst and the Disco Outcasts. As well as a healthy dosage of Enya (is there such a thing?)
Mystical! airs at 5 AM EST DEC 7 (yes you read that right) aka 5 PM in Jakarta. Nice of them to make it exactly a half a day later there. I'm gonna have to start hitting them up for stock tips and insight into my sports betting. aaanyways....
I'll post the archived show sometime tommorrow. please hit me up with any questions about the artists.

also... I know I'm not huge on posting viral videos and alla that.... but this has to be one of the best vids I've seen in a long time...

I can't tell you how many times I've thought of how strange it will be when we're all going out dancing and we're in our eighties. It seems somehow more normal to be 85 yrs old and listening to swing or something. We'll all probably be too deaf to hear it by that point anyhow I suppose. Well on my way over here. This poor lady actually reminds me of how I feel sometimes going out to electro nights filled with 18 year old 'Look At Me's that have never actually put half a thought into how to dance. This lady's looking around thinking... "can I get some mutha fuckin' Pepe Braddock BITCH!?"

I guess while I'm here I should post some music. This is the best cut from Swedish boogie band Toba's early 80's single "Moving Up" This LP catches a pretty penny. I don't think I could sell the mp3 for much though.

Toba-"Moving Up"

CountrAAAAAy Disco...

So I've been repping the Kountry3astern thing for awhile now and everything. bla bla. The fact that disco was probably more (commercially) popular than rock in the late 70's led to some terrible genre crossbreeds. One of my personal favorites is thew whole country disco thing. This genre almost certainly never existed in any practical dancefloor sense. Outside of David Grusin, Kenny Rogers, and Dolly Parton's warped fantasy worlds, it's highly improbable this world of woven silk lassooz and cocaine encrusted pick-up trucks ever existed for more than ))))one fleeting night(((( outside of the Hollywood smolder of Electric Horsemen. I did a post on the Electric Horseman a couple years back and you can download a track or two from the vinyl. Anyways. I'm not going to disclose any more of my secrets right now but one man who is ahead of me in this racquet is Mnsnr. Peter Visti. I'm posting his "Dolly EP" from a year and a half or so back. It's a 3 tracker on Mindless Boogie. Just ripped this from vinyl. Eat your heart out pre-silicone Dolly Parton stahlz.

Dolly EP_MB06

"Dolly" - Peter Visti Edit
"Rain" - Peter Visti Edit
"The Ritz" - Peter Visti Edit

Ever been there for a party that you could feel kicking off a new 'subgenre' or 'trend'? Would your life have been better if you were at woodstock?
Have you ever met Janis Joplin? What's the next 'sub genre'?