Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I found the three albums featuring the songs below at my local antique dealer a few days ago. Strangely enough I've owned copies of all three before finding them in a small group in the back of the $.25 bin the other day. Due to the embarrassing state of my record collection I opted for a secondary purchase rather than spending the next 3 days searching (possibly to much avail). I can probably get a good buck for the Budgie EP anyways. so :P

This is Joan Armatrading's song which she told me that she wrote about me. We're in love.

Aztec Two Step are another prolific and hauntingly talented Boston folk/rock/whatever duo from the 70's and on. I would HIGHLY recommend the purchase of their eponymous album upon first opportunity as it's really tremendous, and like the self titled album of Budgie(below artist) the highly trained ear can have a field day combing it for clues into the future of pop music. Basically what I'm saying is that every single song on the album gives quite a bit more than a subtle insight into the source of inspiration for artists like Michael Mayer... bla bla bla.

Budgie's first album "It's Budgie" was recorded in the same studio as Black Sabbath's first full length and is considered to be the first heavy metal album EVEEEEAAAAR. THAT'S right fools. This is not from that album, but if it was it would still not rock because I chose it for it's peaceful cmoplement to the other twoz. However their other songs rock. If you have the patience... I posted the entire "It's Budgie" album about a year ago in WAV form and it can be located on said blog.

these are some albums I've been listening to in the last week. didnt' have time to rip them. maybe I will tommorrow.

nighty night

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