Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We Are The People... Laurie Laptop Cover.

**Just to note this posting exists due to a spine chilling cover of the below mentioned song by Laurie Laptop. Any below criticism rests solely on my desire to 'show the world' that I can hear things that aren't there and 'be down'with things that are 'cool'**

This is a cover of the amazing )))WE CAN SAVE THE WORLD and make money off it at the same time((( ANTHEM "We Are The People" by Empire of the Sun. Don't know if MGMT and Nick Littlemore had some sort of Bilderberg Group-like summit or something before they decided to unleash the less-than-subtley capitalising on 'their' Mayan, 2012 pre-freakout sub-genre of "electro/disco" (not my noun-jectives). If you ask me, Empire of the Sun sounds strikingly and suspiciously like something across between Echo and the Bunnymen and The Church.
We certainly don't have to point out the obvious conceptual similarities between MGMT and EOTS. Do however find the similarities between EOTS and fellow Aussies The Church as well as Echo and the Bunnymen to be way too much to overlookz. Was a big church fan back in my formative years, yes even before Donnie Darko... wow. And also a big EBM fan

I can think of which EBM song it is but there one in which sounds a LOT like Luke Steele of EOTS/Sleepy Jackson.
Gotta be an obvious one, a hit otherwise why'd they copy it...maybe this one...

Somewhere in there is the point that with bullets like those in your chamber and a hot line of pseudo 2012 unltra-noia... ya just can't help but make awesome popz musikz.
managed to get pretty far from the point on that one.

I was in fact not introduced to this song by the commercial (for vw or an 'Ipawd' or something?) but by a cover from Laurie Laptop I ran across one day on soundcloud.
Mr. Laptop is quite the prolific producer out of Manchester...
I'm just ripping this from his bio page...

"Laurie Laptop is a DJ, musician and producer based in Manchester, UK. Starting out as a DJ in 1988, he has gone on to co-write, record and produce numerous tracks with The Durutti Column amongst others. He now records and writes in his own studio and is currently working on a film score for up and coming cinematic genius Steven Manford. "

For those of you that don't know, Durutti Column was on the world famous Factory records back in the 80's, label of Joy Dicision, New Order, ACR. He makes great music and I think I did a post about a year ago about him. but enough digressing.

Laurie is a helluva nice guy and if you check his SOUNDCLOUD page you'll be pretty blown away by his range of production (there's alot available for download aswell). He's kind of coined a very icy-warm sort of computer-dub sound that I can't remember hearing anywhere else.

Here's a stellar version of "We Are The People" which really captures aforementioned ice-dub sound by Laurie Laptop. If it wasn't for Laurie I never would've heard of empire of the sun.

Empire Of The Sun-"We Are The People (Laurie Laptop's Version)

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Thanks, that's a very nice review ... my mum will be proud ;)