Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Knife - Heartbeats Edit

This is an edit of a version of Heartbeats by The Knife...
Not that they are a new band or something but I really like this remix I found somewhere... God only knows where. It was like 40 seconds long so I extended it and made it a lot more dj or even just listening friendly.

And I hope to see everyone tommorrow night at the Squealing Pig for Balearia.. look below for more info.

The Knife - Heartbeats Mystery Remix (myEdit)

Stranglers - No Mercy Edit

This is an edit I just did of the Stranglers song No Mercy... 2 hours well spent I guess.. I like that people think of the Stranglers as a straight pop band but this track sounds more like The The meets early house music... check the drum roll.

Stranglers - No Mercy (Bliss Edit)
ATTN.!! This edit has been removed because I decided to give the band credit... what did I expect though, ralllllly.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Balearia, July 18th...

If you are being redirected by Pylon, and want to see what I'm really about, might I suggest going to more surrent postings... such as the sergio mendes link you thought you clicked on :I HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER

This Friday.. July 18th, is the next installment of BALEARIA at the Squealing Pig in Mission Hill. Last month went REALLY well... the place was packed and Lucy Lux played really great music. She's going to be our new resident from here on out.
See you Friday.

A Mountain Of One

DEEEEEAMN, it is hot in the city today, I am hiding out in my apartment to escape the 98 degree heat in Boston right now. So I am posting here two tracks by one of my favorite bands of the last 3 years. A Mountain of One bridges the gap between psych-rock and prog. I think they sound like Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac and America getting in some sort of three way musical car wreck. No matter what you want to say, they are a sick band and I hope they can stay together long enough to be more than a seminal blip on the radar of the next decade of music to come.
Here's three of their bestest:

AMO1 - Ride

AMO1 - People Without Love

AMO1 - Freefall