Tuesday, March 29, 2011

***New Music*** from Hatchback

Earth's huddled masses continue their subconscious preparation for a paradigm shift and one of the more tolerable byproducts is Hatchback's new release "The Violet Sequence." I'm pretty sure this track was on Hatchback (Sam Grawe)'s Zeus & Apollo Soundcloud page about a year or so ago but no matter. Apparently, Sam's job as editor of the ever-so-fuckable Dwell Magazine is keeping him too busy to manage more than one secret music moniker. No matter... Dwell Magazine, if human, could certainly appreciate a sensible consolidation of the many lush soundscapes of present-day Hatchback. Brooding beneath a shimmering ambiance, musical vehicles such as The Violet Sequence are proto-ambient disco gems. Hatchback will gently envelope your senses while flying you off in a vintage '53 lunar lander. Android love-bots will beckon to your subconscious from Mikado Yellow Baughman chairs and peering from their 22nd century bay window. Ok, so perhaps I'm being dramatic but Sam's music makes it just that much easier to imagine that the kinder-gentler Utopian dream is not so far off after all. Some music of the "Cosmic" and/or "Balearic" genres can leave you sour from the settling dust of contrived fuzziness or 'look-at-me' melodies. Hatchback's songs trigger some Atlantian meme in my subconscious. Receptors are synthetically rewarded for a 'job-well-done.' Barrel chested ghosts of Easter Island and well-groomed inhabitants of true ancient Egypt (circa 38,000 BC) walk alongside cantankerous Nephilim listening to Sunn O))) on teal iPods and for a moment everything seems to warp into logical sense. In our present times of prefab fear, name-brand wonder, and seemingly endless disinformation it's easy to laugh off the last few years' deluge of "cosmic", "slo", "step", etc. as a byproduct of world culture-gone-mad, a sort of inevitable waste product. Good thing there are artists like Hatchback who prove there to be another more righteous source of art. His internal 'tuner' can clearly descramble a station that resonates deeply with what we presentlyare as human beings but which also gives us a deep sense of where we may be going. The highway of lost house-heads, try hard hipsters, and LSD pseudo-disco-gangsters has an exit in sight.

The Violet Sequence (aformentioned):
The Violet Sequence by Hatchback

also a free download...
Doppelgänger by Hatchback