Saturday, March 29, 2008


So there a couple things going on in the world or "edits"/"re-edits" that I don't quite understand right now. I'm all for re-edits. I'm all for taking an old disco cut and making it a little better or looping the intro of an old rock song and turning it into my own thing. That's where 90 % of music comes from now er days anyhow it seems. But lately there is a new trend emerging. People are taking music from older sources, entire songs, changing nothing except maybe adding a reverb to one drum hit, and renaming the songs as their own. This really just makes absolutely no sense to me. I feel guilty not giving credit to the original artist of a re-edit I've done when the edit thoroughly changes the feel of the song and I add many elements. But we have people out there taking songs by bands for example, Deep Sleep by the B-52s and changing nothing and renaming them and releasing them as their own. Hmmm.... steeeerange.

here's my re-edit of Deep Sleep by the B-52's which makes it quite a bit more dancy....

Scott Bliss - SlowNLow (countryeastern)

anyways... have a nice day, drive through please.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Electric Horseman Theme

This movie is the culmination of the disco cowboy motif. The Electric Horseman soundtrack is a little over the top at times. It features one side of Willie Nelson cuts such as the ever famous "Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys", "Midnight Rider" and three other songs, the choruses of which almost all have the word cowboy in there somewhere. The B side is all disco cuts written by David Grusin and Larry Rosen. One in particular embodies everything a cowboy disco epic should have to offer.... that would be....

Electric Horseman Theme- David Grusin

I found this record in a thrift store in New Orleans a few weeks ago for 25 cents. I like New Orleans. There were actually quite a few scores I made while in New Orleans. My next post will be a couple tracks from a Leon Russell album called Carnie that blows my mind.

Shari Vari 7

This is a mix by none other than Todd Terje and Dolle Jolle. Todd is the disco prankster of Norway. These Shari Vari mixes are something to hear. I can't get this one off the ole boom-box.
Shari Vari is the party these guys do in Norway(?) ... at least I'm pretty sure of that one. BUT.... they make these mixes to promote the party (correct me if I'm wrong) Anyways... Todd is one of my favorite remixer/editor of the last couple years.

here's the tracklisting:

They Came From The Stars, I Saw Them – Signals (Emperor Machine mix)
Lalula – Supa Bajo (Emperor Machine mix)
Scissor Sisters – Other Side (Idjut Boys mix)
Loud E – Sex E
Baricentro – Tittle Tattle (Borat edit)
Beck – Black Tambourine
Matt Bianco – Smooth (edit)
The Human League РThe Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Justus Köhncke dub)
Leo Young – Lee Tong’s Revenge
Olivia Newton John – Magic

and here's the file:

Shari Vari #7


This is a nutty mix I made in early 2007.

I use a lot of post production to make it xtra wacked out.

Starts with some eagles song and ends with a bang!

scott's waktout mix --- THIS MIX IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE, SORRY.

A:Kult Set Feb 2008 set 2 of the night

Here's another live set from A:Kult at the goodlife.... the tempo is high in this one. Played some Herc & Love Affair, crystal castles and the new Chinatown single. will get the tracklisting up maybe someday.

AKult set Feb 2008

(this set will be back up shortly)

A:Kult set for ya...

So Brenden Wesley and I do a monthly party @ the Goodlife Bar. We are the only cats in Boston that are doing anything quite like this richt now. Check out our myspace site.
You will without doubt hear a hell of a lot more on this topic all the time in the future... but for now I'm postiing a mix from A:Kult in January of 2008. It's the first hour of the night so it's real mellow. Just sit back and enjoy. I don't have a track listing available but there's some hercules and love affair in there as well as the new Brennan Green track on chinatown, a crystal castles song and I believe something by Fuck Buttons.
Scott Bliss Live at the Goodlife-January 2008

stay tuned for more.


So I received this track from these cats I met on the interweb the other day and have not been able to stop listening. It's something like Ilya Santana gets hit in the head with a break beat sangwich ... check it for yourself. The Ranger Rick cats are very secretive and wouldn't even hit me up with a photo, but despite their clandestine nature, they're personality gleams through in this finely tuned and nearly glistening piece of soundspace. We'll be looking forward to mo'music.

Frussle Tussle - Ranger Rick

New edit of mine

This is an edit I did the other day of a Pousette D'art band song...

Pousette Dart Band-Boiling Ice (SCOTT'S EDIT)

Into The Labyrinth

So I've totally been putting this off for awhile until I felt the right headspace with within reach.

The POINT of Loud Man Quiet Man is to have a forum through which I can share the original music of myself and my crew. I also have a really massive collection of great vinyl which needs to start makinig it's way into digital format so I can sell em off . Not really on the last part. But it'd be nic to have everything in WAV format by the time I turn 87.

So first off... here's a track from disco behoemoths Rinder and Lewis.

LUST - Rinder and Lewis

gotta smoke a cig...more music in a moment... heh.