Friday, March 28, 2008

A:Kult set for ya...

So Brenden Wesley and I do a monthly party @ the Goodlife Bar. We are the only cats in Boston that are doing anything quite like this richt now. Check out our myspace site.
You will without doubt hear a hell of a lot more on this topic all the time in the future... but for now I'm postiing a mix from A:Kult in January of 2008. It's the first hour of the night so it's real mellow. Just sit back and enjoy. I don't have a track listing available but there's some hercules and love affair in there as well as the new Brennan Green track on chinatown, a crystal castles song and I believe something by Fuck Buttons.
Scott Bliss Live at the Goodlife-January 2008

stay tuned for more.

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