Tuesday, March 24, 2009

...That's What It Is... You better call that Lerve.

I am spacing the name of this track real hard right now. I have it on a white label. Just ripped it for all your enjoyment.
This one goes out to my lady.. Lexi... haaay out there! Anyways.. we met 3 years ago tonight...

This track makes me think of her. There's not enough time in a lifetime.

You Better Call That Love??? - Help Me Out On This One

Knights of the Jaguar - Jaguar

Not only do these guys have the best name ever for a project. This is one of the best tracks ever. It sounds like it's from 1989. But it ain't. try 1999. Seems like yesterday... but it ain't I'm getting old.

Knights Of The Jaguar-Jaguar

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Edits Schmedits

This is a new edit I did of a Supermax song.

Thanks to Teddy for the original.


Ubermax - Scott's Edit Schmedit

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Justice VS. Chateau Flight: We are Your Friends/Steamulation split 12"

Everyone knows who Justice is by now. This their first single from back in 2002. Strangely enough they split this 12" with Chateau Flight. The pairing seems like a stretch here in 2009 but back then no one batted an eyelash I guess... at least not me. These are the rips from the vinyl for everyone who didn't get it back in the day. People definitely didn't know what to think of the Justice track back then... heh.

Justice - We Are Your Friends

Chateau Flight - Steamulation

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley was one of my absolute favorite musicians back in the 90's and I think this album, Grace should go in the top 20 all time rock albums. He died pretty soon after this album came out in a plane crash. It's strange listening to this music with that knowledge. It's almost as if he wrote these songs knowing he was near the end.
anyways... very tragic. It somehow makes this album all the better though.

Jeff Buckley - Grace

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some Brennan Green Schtuff....

Brennan Green is a very unique, seminally influential producer, and eccentric madman.

Here's a couple from him:

Forget The Past - Charles Webster (Brennan Green Remix)

Little Ease - Brennan Green