Monday, January 25, 2010

Tiger And Woods

New two track EP from mystery artist(s?) Tiger and Woods. "Gin and Tonic" is a dubbed up boogie builder while "Deflowered is a more straight forward dance number. I absolutely cannot wait to drop these tracks at a theatre near you.

Tiger And Woods-"Gin Nation"

Tiger And Woods-"Deflowered"

Saturday, January 16, 2010

1991 Franie Bones Mix...

Nice shirt btw Frankie :) you're still alright in my book though.
This is blowing my mind right now.
no download, sorry... just streaming. The track that starts at 28:00 samples a Fabio Frizzi song from the "City of the Dead" soundtrack. crazy. no tracklisting either on this mix. bummer city.
The man, the myth, the legend :)
Frankie Bones...
Frankie Bones - Interdance - 1991 by djmixes

Mike Burns journeys to space... albino love goddess.

This is a new one up from Vienna's Mike Burns. A cosmically charged disco chugger. Listen to your arp's content.
Serious tune alert.

Mike Burns-"Contextual Studies of Monotony in Space"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm Skating Away....

Went skating today with Bliss. She calls it hockeying. It's been probably 6 or 7 years since I skated outdoors on a pond. Couple other rugrats there playing a pick hockey up game. Definitely good to see kids still out doing something constructive (insert old folks home joke here). We both got new pairs of skates for the holiday. RAD! Today's probably her 4th time skating and she was finally doing it on her own. Kept backing up a little bit further each time and having her skate to me. Then I'd distract her at the last minute so she forgot she was mortified of falling.
Here's a cool edit of the Bill Wither's track "Make A Smile For Me" done by Vienna's Trishes. Lots of great music coming out of Vienna these days.

Bill Withers-"Make A Smile For Me(Trishes Edit)"

Monday, January 11, 2010

Kenneth Anger's Rabbit's Moon.. Disco Raincoat Edit

Mid 20th century art film maker Kenneth Anger is fairly new to me but I was amazed to follow a friend's link (thanx mary:), dig a little deeper and find this 1979 re edit of the 1950 film featuring "It Came In The Night" by A Raincoat. Although I couldn't find much on A Raincoat, and "It Came..." was supposedly "not on ther album" ... it's actually the only release of theirs I can find any info on at all. Realeased in 1976 and Produced by Andy Arthurs and Steve Stevenson, the 7" fetches upwards of $60. Really interesting and about as obscure as it gets I think.

here's the original A Raincoat video...

And here's a dl link for this psych-disco gem...

A Raincoat-"It Came In The Night"

RUBEN'S TUBE... natures graphic EQ

Rainz in Africa!!

It's 9 degrees F. Winter is in full effect. I am over my post holiday weird posting spree.
Very excited to be able to announce my first official vinyl release in a couple weeks.
here's the meat:
I know this song is like the laid back 'Balearic' disco obvious choice of the last couple years. There have been a few good edits done .... However I haven't heard such a great version as this.
Andrew Clarke has been coming out with some great music and this is a prime example.

ToTo-"Africa (AC's Edit)" (wav)

Toto - Africa (AC Re-Edit) by Andrew Clarke

Friday, January 8, 2010

It's so COLD in the B!

Man, it's really cold in the greater Boston area. The holiday fuzzies are gone and the present option is to make a push to spring now. Man. How depressing. Fortunately we have T-Baby to help us through the tough times. I am a sucker for cheesy R&B but this is certainly not that. . .
here I am 2 years late...
So Cold In The D!



Rayko is on fire right now. my man. is putting out multiple edits every week. Like Whoa!
here's a couple new Rayko joints... he calls them edits but they're more like remixes...

Stevie Nicks-"Edge of Seventeen (Rayko Edit)"
Nightlife Unlimited-"Just Be Yourself(rayko edit)"

Saturday, January 2, 2010


^^^^ that looks a little like my record collection :)

Sometimes I feel like Homer Simpson when he has "everything" and can't die. He has so many diseases that none of them can get in the door and kill him. Diseases, as I find out, are very bad at waiting in line and clog the entranceway to Homer's 'death-zone'.
This would be a very 'look at me-drama' post except for the fact that I don't have everything. In fact. What I meant was that... I just have so many important things to write that they clog the exit of my thought door and I end up writing blog posts like this. Just one sound-bite could alter the outcome of the present universe. I don't know if anyone is familiar with quantum physics and the whole 10 dimensions thing.

BUT... sometimes I feel like our normal, somewhat eccentric world has gone from being that silly, lovably rebellious tweenager. To suddenly a universe, existence, in which a two headed alien could suddenly pop out from behind a randomly placed boulder. Things are getting a little bit crazy. Believe me, for those of you who are going to leave a comment trying to 'school' me and explain how it really is.... go for it. I choose to appear a lovably curious tween. But looks are deceiving sometimes. I am really a 64 year old ex-hippie who lives on what's left of the Hog Farm on the northern west coast of amerrccca. I communicate with saucers via smoke signal and routinely travel to ancient Babylon in hopes of decoding the book of Enoch's cryptic tales.

speaking of codes....
I have been listening to alot of music by NYC avant-garde musical genius John Zorn for the last few days. It's quite befitting of the freezing weather and ever deepening blanket of fresh snow. For those of you unfamiliar witth Zorn... HERE's his WIKI. This man puts out some seriously thought provoking music and does it at a pace which makes me a bit jealous. He's one of those individuals who's art really transcends his own person. Seriously on another level. His soundscapes truely will transport you somewhere good for your soul. It's common for me to end a Zorn listening session feeling I have been brought into some sort of metaphysical inner-circle.

here's a couple downloads...

John Zorn-"Recuerdos"
John Zorn-"Pressure and Speed"
John Zorn-"Makaaha"