Monday, January 11, 2010

Kenneth Anger's Rabbit's Moon.. Disco Raincoat Edit

Mid 20th century art film maker Kenneth Anger is fairly new to me but I was amazed to follow a friend's link (thanx mary:), dig a little deeper and find this 1979 re edit of the 1950 film featuring "It Came In The Night" by A Raincoat. Although I couldn't find much on A Raincoat, and "It Came..." was supposedly "not on ther album" ... it's actually the only release of theirs I can find any info on at all. Realeased in 1976 and Produced by Andy Arthurs and Steve Stevenson, the 7" fetches upwards of $60. Really interesting and about as obscure as it gets I think.

here's the original A Raincoat video...

And here's a dl link for this psych-disco gem...

A Raincoat-"It Came In The Night"

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