Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Lazer/Blazer Remix

Above is my favorite picture of Adam Littleboy. This is the new Lazer/Blazer remix of Eastern Promises by Dr. Kucho. It takes the original and makes it... well... better. That's as far as I'm going with that. Hope to see everyone up in Maine this weekend for Beltek.


Lazer/Blazer-Eastern Promises(remix)

oh and while I'm at it.

Check out Adam's new dj mix...

New Vietcong Disco EP - Dragon Slayer

Eddie Mars (aka Teddy Stuart) has finally graced the world with his Dragon Slayer EP. I've been flogging the shit out of Eva Braun AND Dragon Slayer since Dragon Slayer was called 'that dope new disco cut' and I still put them on repeat in the car and (sometimes in my ocd mind). Teddy is at very least in my top 5 for 2009. More transmissions from the land of awesomeness coming soon.

12 Inch Art

Eddie Mars-Dragon Slayer

Eddie Mars-Dragon Slayer (Vietcong Mix feat. Adam Stegemann)

Eddie Mars-Eva Braun

Monday, July 27, 2009

Big Mistakes...

Moving on with my usual Bi-polar randomness(sp?)....
This is a song by Tim Fite that's been out for a year or two now. I love the lyrics and hope I only make one big mistake. Or at most two. Here it is... Enjoy:

Tim Fite-Big Mistake

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jacque Cortelyou's new stuff...

Jacques is an ooold friend of mine... back to the Jurassic period just about. Adam Littleboy from Lazer & Blazer introduced us.
He's a very talented guy and really inspired me when I was first (trying) to make tracks.

Here's his new one...

It's a WAV.

Jacque Cortelyou-That's My Girl, You Rock My World

Surely more to come.

And on that note....

Here's some Rave-a-licious oldie but goodies...

I gotta learn to do my posts in the right order. This was supposed to follow the post below.


here we go..

808 State-Pacific State

and a track by 808 that was not released... this is actually from a tape:
Varmbath Street Spead

And it wouldn't be Christmas without...

Here's a tight remix:

Chime (Ray Keith Remix)

Also... This is from the same period...

_one _oses

Fool's Gold

AND for comic relief:

Sesame's Treat...

Sesame's Treat (Hardcore Version:)


New Stuffs... Old Stuffs...

So after spending way too long writing a small novel for my last two posts. I log on to find their deletion. Guess I shouldn't put certain artists up by name.


Here's the _ate _ush track that is sampled by Utah Saints for their epic track and surprise mainstream radio hit,,,,

_ate _ush....

_loud _usting

_unning _p _hat _ill

_ounds _f _ove

Maybe that's clandestine enough...

And here's the the original Utah Saints remix....

_tah _aints - _omething _ood

And a cool remix I found... Not sure who it's by unfortunately...

_utah _aints-_omething _ood(someone's remix)



Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Delicasessions Nano Radio Show...

So Delicasessions and I are officially fraaaands. The host/djs Nero and Tom have really been great in supporting my music. And that means a lot to me. Know why? Because, if you'd listen to a radio show anyways, but then they happen to play your new tracks AND make glowing comments about said music in a friggin' rocking English accent (pardon my ignorance, I don't have the regional dialect offhand). Long story shorter. I've never once asked these guys to play my music, sent them a demo, nuttin' . They're just mad cool like that. So anyhow... This relatively new Delicasessions show has a lot of really cool kind of balearic-ish, acoustic-ish, house-ish, techno-ish stuff that ... well it's a very eclectic show but they manage to really make sense of it all somehow. The third song is a KILLER, acoustic, portisheadie remake of that new "Please Don't Stop The Music" song by Rhianna. It's hilariously good. Your tongue may need a minute to get out of your cheek.
Here's the tracklisting, it's the June 23th show...


Pan American - For Aiming At The Stars (Kranky)
Psapp - tricycle (Domino)
The Bird And The Bee - Don't Stop The Music [Rihanna Cover] (CDR)
Scott Bliss - SlowNlow [Kountry3astern Mix] (CDR)
Omar S - Psychotic Photosynthesis (FXHE)
Paper Soap Street Company - Another Girl (CDR)
Burial & Four Tet - Moth (Text)
Dan Satch and the Professional Atomic 8 Band - Tamuno Emi Dan Satch
(Philips West Africa)
Nomak - Anger Of The Earth (Huge Soul)
Kasha - Coming Back With It (CDR)
Jazzanova - I Can See [FAT Thursday Remix Ft Theo] (Jazzanova)
Prdctv - Paradise Gone To Waste (Geometric)
Kings of Leon featuring Lykke Li - Knocked Up (CDR)
The Hundred in the Hands - Dressed In Dresden (CDR)
Dead Mellotron - Ghost Light Constellation (CDR)

And here's their podcast homepage

Thanks Tom and Nero!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New one from the Leftside Wobbler

Mr. Moore from Leftside-Wobble has graced us with a new Redit of the Esther Phillips track "All The Way Down." When I say redit... what I am really meaning to say is that Jon's edits tend to be more remixes than edits. But, he calls 'em edits. So be it :)

Anyways... the fourth was nice. Good fireworks, all that. Now we're back to the usual New England 50 degree, rainy summer.

Esther Phillips - "All The Way Down" (leftside wobble edit)