Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Delicasessions Nano Radio Show...

So Delicasessions and I are officially fraaaands. The host/djs Nero and Tom have really been great in supporting my music. And that means a lot to me. Know why? Because, if you'd listen to a radio show anyways, but then they happen to play your new tracks AND make glowing comments about said music in a friggin' rocking English accent (pardon my ignorance, I don't have the regional dialect offhand). Long story shorter. I've never once asked these guys to play my music, sent them a demo, nuttin' . They're just mad cool like that. So anyhow... This relatively new Delicasessions show has a lot of really cool kind of balearic-ish, acoustic-ish, house-ish, techno-ish stuff that ... well it's a very eclectic show but they manage to really make sense of it all somehow. The third song is a KILLER, acoustic, portisheadie remake of that new "Please Don't Stop The Music" song by Rhianna. It's hilariously good. Your tongue may need a minute to get out of your cheek.
Here's the tracklisting, it's the June 23th show...


Pan American - For Aiming At The Stars (Kranky)
Psapp - tricycle (Domino)
The Bird And The Bee - Don't Stop The Music [Rihanna Cover] (CDR)
Scott Bliss - SlowNlow [Kountry3astern Mix] (CDR)
Omar S - Psychotic Photosynthesis (FXHE)
Paper Soap Street Company - Another Girl (CDR)
Burial & Four Tet - Moth (Text)
Dan Satch and the Professional Atomic 8 Band - Tamuno Emi Dan Satch
(Philips West Africa)
Nomak - Anger Of The Earth (Huge Soul)
Kasha - Coming Back With It (CDR)
Jazzanova - I Can See [FAT Thursday Remix Ft Theo] (Jazzanova)
Prdctv - Paradise Gone To Waste (Geometric)
Kings of Leon featuring Lykke Li - Knocked Up (CDR)
The Hundred in the Hands - Dressed In Dresden (CDR)
Dead Mellotron - Ghost Light Constellation (CDR)

And here's their podcast homepage

Thanks Tom and Nero!

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