Friday, August 22, 2008

The Shortwave Set... Specifically the Aeroplane remix of Now 'till '69

So today' like a Creature Double Feature... ferrreeeelzz...
Quick sidenote... does anyone remember Creature Double Feature? When I was like 6 years old my Gramps and I bonded watching Godzilla movies and the like. I'll never forget the time we went to Kmart and he bought us what was supposed to be a sick Godzilla Creature Feature. Upon opening the tape and tossing it in the VCR it was obvious we'd been duped. Somehow, it was a Three Stooges flick. Gramps hated the 'Stooges so it seemed and we did NOT watch that movie for lask of anything better to do. To this day can't really stand the Three Stooges and that's probably why.
Moving onwardss....
There's a new remix hitting the streets of the Shortwave Set tune Now Til '69 and I lerve it. I can't get it out of my head. I'm probably Aeroplane's most blatant, shameless fan so that's probably no surprise but I have to say that the
Aeroplane (
has really taken their initial concept (i.e. caramellas, aeroplane dub) and turned it into an insanely good long term project. The world needs more Aeroplanes :)
The Shortwave Set creates as they say it.... "Victorian Funk."
If you've never heard them before... you REALLY need to check them out here...
here's a video to whet your appetite:

....:::And a couple of tracks:::....

The Shortwave Set - The Downer Song
The Shortwave Set - Now Til '69 (Aeroplane Remix)

smell ya later.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mystery Song..

anglers - o ercy

figure it out

It's So Different Here - Rachel Sweet

Rachel Sweet is a moderately known d list celebrity/singer from the 70's and 80's mostly if ya didn't know. Her album fool around is great though and worth checking out. This is my favorite track by Rachel and a song that has been in many of my more laid back dj sets as of late...

Rachel Sweet - It's So Different Here

Outrunners... Cool Feelings E.P.

I got a copy of the Cool Feelings EP by the Outrunners a couple months ago and I am finally getting it up here now. My lagging has, however nothing to do with the quality of this music. The Outrunners have really hit upon a unique sound here, something like Flashdance on pink meth. This track is hot like the vents of a martian saucer after an intergalactic mission, or something like that. Though apparently not out on vinyl yet the Cool Feelings E.P. is available in MP3 format... It features the original mix as well as remixes by Anoraak and Maethelvin. Check The Outrunners' myspace to buy.

Outrunners - Cool Feelings (Original Mix)

Outrunners - Cool Feelings (Anoraak Remix)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

.. Arthur Russell-arm around you!..

This is an old fav of mine by the legendary one and only arthur russell... R.I.P. and stuff.


Arm Around You

Wednesday, August 13, 2008



ANYONE BEING REDIRECTED FROM PYLON... please check the more recent content of this here blog... for some reason this is the link page even though it's from 4 months ago. HERE IS THE REAL THING!!

The last Baleara was Uber KICKASS...
this one is going ta be even gudder...

check Lucy Lux's Garagepunk page for her latest mix...


I will update this post a little betterer after I buy popsicles..
peace OUT!!