Friday, October 23, 2009


Ma' manz Leri does an awesome radio program in Rijeka.

It's called Mutant Disco and it's a weekly Wednesday night (10-12 Croatian. That's 4-6 EST) showcase of new and recognized talent handpicked by Leri himself.

In Leri's words...

"It's a weekly radioshow that airs on radio Svid in Croatia every wednesday night at 10-12 pm (croatian time).
Radio Svid is a local radio station in the city of Rijeka that airs on 98.4 fm but
it's also available trough cable operators and internet service providers that offer it with iptv package so it covers all of the Croatia.
It also has live stream here
New site will be up soon,
Some info about the show. It' s pretty new radioshow going for 5 months now with already loyal following and quite a few international listeners
via live stream.
I play anything I like: nu disco disco deep house dubstep brazil nu jazz jazz soul funk tech house afrobeat... even ocasional pop track anything soulfool that I like and feel...
it goes well together. I'm trying to make it like a set (that's why I post here and on quite a few forums version without announcements if people
want to listen to it again). It's 2 hours of music with some minimal info about the tracks that I played. "

Leri decided to do a radio show when he started playing again locally after a 6-7 year pause. Wanting to promote the music and himself, he's managed to eloquently piece together some show which, IMHO... highlight an impressive cross section of new dance music that breaks the cell wall into listenability(something important for the hardened over 27 set). I an area of which the air waves and ears are monopolized by the "poison:)" of progressive and minimal (j/k he plays some of the latter [note: how I combine the end parentheses with a classic smiley] :) grammer'z never seen better... Leri does it proper. Features a combination of live mixing and track drops. 2 hours is time for both and I respect his stamina.

Check some of tracks on the following mixes...

Mutant Disco # 16
feat. my most recent composition Quiet_Move for release on the freshly up and moving A.N.O.E. project.

Mutant Disco # 13 featuring my edit of Supermax's Spooky (aka Ubermax)

Leri really manages to pull all the stops with this show... awesome radio announcer and all.

I am honored to be a feature of his.

Please check the Mutant Disco Soundcloud page....

or the live stream of SVID Croatia

Thank you,

come again.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

There are 43 ladybugs on my ceiling... AND Brooklyn... Sensual Harassment......

I've been jocking theyz fellerz for a month now. Coveting like a coveting coveter. Seriously. Will somebody stop really good music from coming out for three days so I can focus. This is their bio, found on a rock lodged in the sidewalk at Kent and Manhattan. . .

Met Todd on the interwebs a month or so ago and aside from being an all around ass kicker... he and::::

Sensual Harassment.... a Reptilian Humanoid alliance utilizing sonic mind
control through beat-driven psych-pop. In their debut broadcast, the
Brooklyn trio seamlessly
shape-shifts from reverb-drenched post-Apocalypic new wave to epileptic
space disco.

Recorded at their clandestine headquarters in Southside Williamsburg, the
band wisely recruited Jesse Cannon (The Cure, Animal Collective and The
Misfits) to help engineer the cerebral revolution.
Bold yet subdued, "Soldier" is an electrified symphony soaked in icy
analog synths concluding in a melodic crescendo that is equal parts Pet
Boys and The Chameleons.
Cut with razor sharp synths, "Daddy Long Legs" is a cosmic dance party
fueled by grimy Italo arpeggiators while evoking the pulsating funk and
visceral aggression of Fugazi.

It is unclear when these elusive Reptoids may appear again from their
covert asylum but the one thing that remains certain is resistance is

... are making great tunes.

Jesse cannon is the man.

no further questions your honor.


Jesse and Todd run a blogging blog called that can be accessed on the world wide web. the web. of the world.

Here Are 2 songs...

"Daddy Long Legs"-Sensual Harrasment

"Carnal Spirits"-Sensual Harassment

Now people want it... the Sensual Harrasment. Eat you heart out Clarence Thomas.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Today's Featured Jetsetter... Neoteric Research Unit.

Every time I get an email Mr. Neoteric Research Unit he seems to be in another desirable "destination" in Europe. Aside from vaulting from vacation to vacation the N Unit finds time to collect synths and use them to make music that is unique and incidentally makes me salivate in a non homo way. He's promised me another track upon his return to wherever it is that his bed and studio live. I think however that I will have to live with these three songs. As you will hear, Mr. N Unit (not to be confused with my 4th grade math teacher who's name was also Neoteric Research Unit) has a diverse flair for music-ings while managing to maintain the tie that binds. First is his tour de force "Moonchild" followed by some mellower selections... "Jazztech and "What Is Sound Anyway?" I don't know what sound is but if I wanted to be cheesy... I could type... I don't know what sound is... But the N Unit surely does. bwahaha.

"Moonchild"-Neoteric Research Unit

"Jazztech"-Neoteric Research Unit

"What Is Sound Anyway"-Neoteric Research Unit