Sunday, October 11, 2009

Today's Featured Jetsetter... Neoteric Research Unit.

Every time I get an email Mr. Neoteric Research Unit he seems to be in another desirable "destination" in Europe. Aside from vaulting from vacation to vacation the N Unit finds time to collect synths and use them to make music that is unique and incidentally makes me salivate in a non homo way. He's promised me another track upon his return to wherever it is that his bed and studio live. I think however that I will have to live with these three songs. As you will hear, Mr. N Unit (not to be confused with my 4th grade math teacher who's name was also Neoteric Research Unit) has a diverse flair for music-ings while managing to maintain the tie that binds. First is his tour de force "Moonchild" followed by some mellower selections... "Jazztech and "What Is Sound Anyway?" I don't know what sound is but if I wanted to be cheesy... I could type... I don't know what sound is... But the N Unit surely does. bwahaha.

"Moonchild"-Neoteric Research Unit

"Jazztech"-Neoteric Research Unit

"What Is Sound Anyway"-Neoteric Research Unit

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