Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mike Burns...

Mike's been (ttbomk) pumping out some really great dubbed out disco choices as of late... late being the last 3 years almost. (as far as I know). His music started grabbing my attention around the break of 'one of the favorite passive aggressive anthem of late '08"..... Everyone's Mantra" Mike's thrown me a few new songs of his to pst and I think I'll start with the reverb drenched ...

Slimline - If You Can Dance (mikeBurns Edit)


and check Black Disco

more coming....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Orlando's Poor Ragged Rascal...

So alot of good, new house music has been surfacing lately...

one of my favs of the now...

Orlando's Poor Ragged Rascal of Black Market Funk is one of the most prolific DJ's I've met in some time. His radio program garners a whopping 50,000 listeners per and he blends multiple genres together effortlessly. He also has a unique production style. one track in particular, a remix of Amadou & Mariam's song "Sabali" really caught my attention and a download is featured below.

here's the official lowdown on PRR...

"Poor Ragged Rascal has been a music producer and DJ for over 10 years. His early productions were an exploration of house, jazz, funk, D&B, and all things soulful and electronic. In 2001, he began to get deeper in to the worlds of nu-jazz, future funk and broken beat. His next undertaking, a live experimental project called Playlofts, was a group of highly talented players, which included vocalist Katherine Paton, guitar player Jon Garces, himself on the keys, and a live visual artist. Playlofts was a live experimental project that blended classic funk, electronic broken beats, and jazz with a stream of live visual elements. A show accredited with raw energy and soulfulness. In 2006 he started the multimedia company that consists of a internet radio podcast and a record label. The podcast is also available through itunes and has recently grown to over 50,000 downloads every episode.
Poor Ragged Rascal plans to continue to bring his blend of synthetic future funk music to the rest of the world. Presently, he is working in the studio and perfecting his live show using Ableton Live and an APC40."

Amadou & Mariam - "Sabali" (Poor Ragged Rascal's Future Funk Remix)

Here's a dj mix also... he has a ton more available on his website.

Poor Ragged Rascal - "August 2009 Mix"

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Combolito aka Sumo aka Bangana is from Stockholm, Sweden. I know his Sumo stuff from the late 90's/early 2000's on the... dare I say... 'legendary'... Seasons Recordings(formerly Earthtones) that's the label where other influential producers such as Natural Rhythm also began their ascent. His new stuff veers decidedly from the jazz infused house sounds of Sumo and into some really (imho) cutting edge sounds.

Here's a rip-roaring, dance floor ready edit he did of the popular Carl Craig classic "Entertambient".

Carl Craig-Home Enterambient (Combo ReEdit)

Here's also an eclectic Combo dj mix...

Combo Dj-Mix

1. Digable Planets - Borough Check
2. Rainer Trueby - Ayers Rock
3. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts #5
4. Huxley and Ethyl - Byzantine
5. The Rurals - I'm Lost
6. Bangana - Diip
7. Tom Trago - Passion (Motor City Drum Ensemble Rmx)
8. Bangana - Ya
9. Bangana - Morphar
10. Bangana Feat. Asha Edmund - Oblivion (Dub)
11. Bangana - Straight Lines (Dub)
12. Mo'Joe and Marlow - Look Over Feel (Marlow's Konsequenz Mix)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gettin' All Cosmical Like...

Cloudy day here in Boston. Perfect for some tripped-outtedly awesomeness.

First I have a remix by Denmark's Ben Mono of the Gabriel Ananda Gabriel Ananda track Suessholz. This is a lovely journey of a remix that kind of made my day today.

Gabriel Ananda - Suessholz (Ben Monos Low Level Mix)

And here's an awesomely trippy edit of Fleetwood Mac from Bristol's Matt Anniss...
Fleetwood Mac - I Loved Another Woman (Bedmo Disco 'I Dubbed Another Woman' Edit]

Monday, September 14, 2009

What are these Beatles of whom you speak?

So last week or something a group of Redbull mainlining Bostonians, One of whom (Bandaid from Harmonix fame... and the Harmonix collective Oxytocin) I am lucky to be quite well bros with, finished this video game about a band that "music connosieurs" about the free western world deem the best rock band of all time. Whether these Beatles are the best or not is besides the point. In other parts of the world Omar Souleyman is the best. In Salsburg, Austria... Mozart is the rockin-est. Who cares. The Beatles are pretty damn cool to pretty much everyone. And that makes them cool to me. They also had a great run with some sort of hair/fashion adviser or something. Anyways..... I first heard about this game's imminent release so long ago that Kindergarten seemed pretty far off. But yet I am of age and the time is now.

This guy Jonathon Moore from the Leftside Wobble makes kick ass music and if you've ever read me before you know that.

Whether the stars have aligned and the "Most Important Video Game Ever" and 'The Most Important Beatles Edit Of All Time' just so happen to have hit the internets in the same 2 week period, whether Jonathon Moore and Harmonix are in some sort of cahoots, or whether this was all a part of The Leftside Wobble's evil plans doesn't really matter. Because the Beatles are feeling pretty much even more important right now and that's what matters. The Beatles matter. Please hold for the Rolling Stones Rock Band game at which time the inter-gloves are off and the flames shall burn in the annals of message board hell.

Tommorrow Never Knows - The Beatles(Leftside Wobble Re-Bless)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Giulio's... Remixes and Mixtapings.

So I met Vienna native Giulio very recently and am really digging his tasetful production. He really has a unique sound blending a kind of Balearic sensibility with much disco and house influence. And I am loving it right now. A veteran dj, Giulio runs a night in Vienna with fellow disc jockey called Tempo which has been bringing in some serious talent.
Here's a great remix of his of his:

Barrabas - Woman (giuliodj remix)

A MUCH needed edit of Karat's Der Blaue Planet:

Karat - Der Blaue Planet (giuliodj edit)

and last but certainly not least... this is a disco mixtape of his...

Warmup mixtape - Giulio

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Esso Trinidad Tripoli Steel Orchestra Covers Jackson 5

I've had this song kicking around for a few years. Actually did a remix of it like 3 or so years ago but that was like 4 broken laptops ago.

here's a bio of them...

"The Tripoli Steelband goes back to 1942, where they took their name from the line in the Marine Hymn “ the the shores of Tripoli”. Hugh Borde who was born in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad in 1933, became the leader of the band in 1951, at the age of 18. He was already an excellent ping pong soloist on the instrument.

By 1964, the band entered the first Steel Band Music Festival in Trinidad and received a standing ovation at the Queen’s Hall for their rendition of “The Man I Love.” By 1965, the Esso Oil Company decided to sponsor the band. Later that year the Esso Tripoli Steel Band won the ‘bomb’ (interpreting a piece of European classical music arranged for the steel band) at the Panorama, a national competition between steel bands.

Borde also led the National Steel Band of Trinidad & Tobago at the Commonwealth Arts Festival in England, and the Esso Tripoli Steel Band won the Prime Minister’s Trophy which gave them the right to play for Queen Elizabeth of England during her visit to Trinidad in 1966.

For three weeks during their 1967 tour, the band was chosen, by official request, to play at the outdoor stage of the Trinidad-Tobago and Grenada Pavilion at Expo ‘67, the World’s Fair in Montreal, Canada. After the tour, an album was put out on the ARC Sound label out of Toronto. It was aptly called The Esso Trinidad Steelband On Tour. One of the band’s biggest breaks occurred during one of their performances at the Expo ‘67. Liberace, the world famous pianist, became fascinated with the band, offering them an opening slot in his show and taking them on tour for two years. Borde recalls, “He was very proud to present to the people in America, this unique type of music. He would come and play ‘12th Street Rag’ or ‘Alleycat’ with us.” With Liberace sitting in on a few songs, Tripoli recorded an album (‘Liberace Presents the Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band’), that later went on to win a Grammy Award.

The band was no longer called the Esso Trinidad Steel Band, as the Esso Company was not sponsoring the band, anymore. In the late 1960s, in addition to their work with Liberace, the band also performed alongside top entertainers like Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Della Reese, Dionne Warwick, and others. They also had major guest shots on television shows hosted by Ed Sullivan, Mike Douglas and David Frost.

Back home in Trinidad, Borde won the prestigious Hummingbird medal Award in 1971. By 1976 Borde and his family left Trinidad and moved to Ypsilanti, Michigan. While he was in Trinidad adjudicating at the 1977 Panorama, his son, Emile was at home putting together a band with other family members, in the basement of the family home. When Hugh returned to Michigan he felt that the band was good enough to go on the road as the new Trinidad Tripoli Steelband.

The band recorded an album in 1985 called “Momentum” for the Meridian record label. In 1994, the band recorded “Hot Like Fire” for the Schoolkids record label. They continue to tour the U.S. and Hugh continues to be a judge at the annual Panorama in Trinidad during the Carnival Season.

In June of 2001, Warner Brothers are to begin filming the life of Liberace, starring Robin Williams. They have contacted Hugh about this, so hopefully, the music of the Esso Trinidad Tripoli Steelband will be heard again. "

Yeah... It's pretty awesome...

rock on...

Esso Trinidad Tripoli Steel Orchestra-"I Want You Back"-Esso Trinidad Steel Orchestra