Friday, September 11, 2009

Giulio's... Remixes and Mixtapings.

So I met Vienna native Giulio very recently and am really digging his tasetful production. He really has a unique sound blending a kind of Balearic sensibility with much disco and house influence. And I am loving it right now. A veteran dj, Giulio runs a night in Vienna with fellow disc jockey called Tempo which has been bringing in some serious talent.
Here's a great remix of his of his:

Barrabas - Woman (giuliodj remix)

A MUCH needed edit of Karat's Der Blaue Planet:

Karat - Der Blaue Planet (giuliodj edit)

and last but certainly not least... this is a disco mixtape of his...

Warmup mixtape - Giulio

1 comment:

julian said...

thanks again scott...
here´s whats on the mix:

1. das volt - fantasy instrumental
2. stevie kotey/max essa - 1986
3. lola - wax the van
4. bruton library -
5. mudd & ahmed fakroun - drago
6. john fiddy - ? from suite in oil and steel lp
7. the emperor machine - slap on
8. mock & toof - underwater
9. house of house - the rough half
10. rooster p incognito - swing ratio
11. mock & toof beat up
12. claude larson - 64k ram