Monday, September 14, 2009

What are these Beatles of whom you speak?

So last week or something a group of Redbull mainlining Bostonians, One of whom (Bandaid from Harmonix fame... and the Harmonix collective Oxytocin) I am lucky to be quite well bros with, finished this video game about a band that "music connosieurs" about the free western world deem the best rock band of all time. Whether these Beatles are the best or not is besides the point. In other parts of the world Omar Souleyman is the best. In Salsburg, Austria... Mozart is the rockin-est. Who cares. The Beatles are pretty damn cool to pretty much everyone. And that makes them cool to me. They also had a great run with some sort of hair/fashion adviser or something. Anyways..... I first heard about this game's imminent release so long ago that Kindergarten seemed pretty far off. But yet I am of age and the time is now.

This guy Jonathon Moore from the Leftside Wobble makes kick ass music and if you've ever read me before you know that.

Whether the stars have aligned and the "Most Important Video Game Ever" and 'The Most Important Beatles Edit Of All Time' just so happen to have hit the internets in the same 2 week period, whether Jonathon Moore and Harmonix are in some sort of cahoots, or whether this was all a part of The Leftside Wobble's evil plans doesn't really matter. Because the Beatles are feeling pretty much even more important right now and that's what matters. The Beatles matter. Please hold for the Rolling Stones Rock Band game at which time the inter-gloves are off and the flames shall burn in the annals of message board hell.

Tommorrow Never Knows - The Beatles(Leftside Wobble Re-Bless)

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