Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thomas Dolby - Budapest By Blimp

There's really not much to say about Thomas Dolby that's not already been said elsewhere. He's one of the pioneers of "electronic music" (a term which I kind of dislike acually). Thomas more specifically and/or accurately developed some of the formulas presently used by many many producers to make more pop oriented music. He was not a techno producer per se and put out a large percentage of his body of work before techno was through the throes of it's infancy. That being said, much of his music was, in my opinion, an influence on techno and house to come in the future.
I am posting his song Budapest By Blimp today for no other reason that I am remixing it right now... ENJWAAAAH!! Also... it is in Wav format. Even better.

Budapest By Blimp - Thomas Dolby