Sunday, April 17, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

House Of The Day...

I heard this song earlier and it is spring in Lawrence, Ma... nice combination.
Also just found the entire John Anthony West series "Magical Egypt in it's entirety posted on Youtube...
If I didn't have a dad already, I would write Mr. West and ask him to be dad.
Magical Egypt







mousse t remix of give me the night

Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh Those Blues....

Todd Edward's music has always been some of my favorite mood stabilizers. I think I own everything he's ever put out and he's more than partially to blame for my i! Records addiction (in recovery as there aren't anymore to buy :). I remember hearing Alabama Blues on a Dana Kelley mix from 1995 and it was a mitigating factor getting me deep into house/garage music back in the "RAVE DAYS."

Here's a couple of my favs...

this is one of my absolute favorite garage recs... whenever I hear this my mind plays the same mental music video it played in 1995 in which some crazy, pitchfork wielding farmer is dancing around with a blade of grass in his mouth, bare feet and a pair of dirty overalls... he opens a can of psychedelic beans or something and the song starts playing. hmmm...

and speaking of crazy farmer house...
the Moreso - "Take My Hand" release on i! Records in 1998 was frigging RIDICULOUS!
I have the vinyl somewhere and will post the 4 tracks in entirety soon but for now here's the most "clubby" of the 4 tracks. It's got a very Todd Edwards style vocal dubbing going on.

And while we're on UK Garage...
honestly, I'm not a big fan of the cheese garage stuff. However there is a creepyness to alot of the Todd Edwards tracks and also Filthy Rich's B-Side stuff... this record falls into that category... Man I used to flog this record... oh the 90's. My copy of this was actually cracked one night. The insode B cut is still playable... I'm pretty sure the track is the first dubstep format song ever. Another one I need to dig out. This youtube vid is the inside a-cut I think.
G.O.D. Limited 5

and another G.O.D. Limited record... #4.
A nice Deelite sample in there... nastttty bassline. I don't think my copy even plays anymore :)

Todd Edwards "Alabama Blues"