Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ports of Call.... Nassau's Your Man

I'm probably going to kick myself for doing this entry before I have more information on this guy. I met Italy's Nassau through the wonders of Soundcloud. A truly groundbreaking website, Soundcloud has allowed me to get to know some truly dynamic remixers and producers from around the globe.
According to his profile, Nassau's been disco-jockeying for about as long as someone can do so without having invented the art. His Soundcloud page features edits of some really great tropically-tinged Balearic morsels. I'm not going to do the history lesson on this particular edit of but he sent me his dubbed out version of fellow Italian Ivano Fossati's "Panama" and I've been quite looking forward to writing this post. Part of djing music like this is digging through the crap to find the real gems. So many songs which fit into the "balearic" or "tropical" categories (not one for over-categorization myself) are tucked away into albums of music that were written by jazz musicians who suffer from having just too much talent and not enough good taste to know when to not play every note. I guess you could call it elevator music-itis Maybe I'm just jealous. But you can be the best musician in the world and not be able to get out of your own way. I know a million people like that.
thank God we have people like Nassau in this world to cut through the chaff and edit up some of the finest moments cocktail music glory.
"Highly recommended with Martini Dry and Gauloises @ 7 p.m." quote him.

Ivano Fossati-"Panama (Nassau Dub Edit)"

Monday, February 22, 2010




Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You gotz to have a J-O-B.

Great Gwen Guthrie edit by Italy's finest.
Rayko is likely to win this years 'Golden Touch Award'.
Disco Posturing has never been easier.

Gwen Guthrie-"Nothing going on but the Rent(Rayko's Edit)"

He's also got a really cool series of edits out...

"Drunken Monkey" Disco Edits:



Rayko-"Taking Off"

Rayko-"Summer Feeling"

The new fast...

Chi-town's TGIK has been making some of the coolest pop leaning remixes and edits I've heard in awhile. Impeccable pop sensibilities. He draws you out of hiding with a gorgeous melodic groove and then crushes you with extreme predjudice. It's not easy to make unique music that is so ear friendly at the same time and still raw like a mutton-chop. Here's a slowed down jam of his that has an energy a bit like Aeroplane's "Above The Clouds" with a slight Ska-KICK.Very well produced. I can't wait to play this. It's actually been on his Soundcloud page for awhile but he's got so damn much music up there I'd not seen it.

TGIK-"Late Walk"

here's his awesome remix of Phoenix's 1901...

Slow Is The Path Through Space-Time. Let's Go Back. Back. Back.

This enigmatic gang-buster appeared in my inbox yesterday from the equally mysterious Mr. Salvador Mali. It's so gooey that I almost slipped back a notch in space-time upon my first listen. There's a heavy sample in there... can't place it right now, Alan Parsons maybe? This tune will suck you insides out and have you dancing merrily on your own entrails while you feed on pupal butterflies. I have no idea what that even means. I'm sayin'.
Just give this a listen.

Salvador Mali- "The Parasite"

Coyote Politicszz

This guy makes some really great music thats a little off my beaten path maybe BUT.... It's low fi, tape noise glory to the fullest. Came across this the other day and loving it.
coyote politics
Coyote Politics-"That Summer"

and this organ grinder:
Coyote Politics-"This Click That Click"

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Job = no post

Got a new jobz. steal from the poor and give to the rich. somehow though we'll take down this damn machine. yeah yeah... whatever. I'm feeling particularly lackluster the last week. Need a change of pace, need a new hat, or maybe some socks.
here's something to help us dream of a place that was never there and hope for a future that may or may not even be probable.
This track Saturday's Angels by If? is brought to you by the letter Caseroc and by a grant from the fact that he put the techno version of this on facebook and made me think of it.
Here's the techno version...

funny how early detroit techno like this really has almost more to do with modern R&B than techno you'd hear in berlin or whatever right now. So much soul.

here's the original version by IF?

IF?-Saturday's Angels