Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The new fast...

Chi-town's TGIK has been making some of the coolest pop leaning remixes and edits I've heard in awhile. Impeccable pop sensibilities. He draws you out of hiding with a gorgeous melodic groove and then crushes you with extreme predjudice. It's not easy to make unique music that is so ear friendly at the same time and still raw like a mutton-chop. Here's a slowed down jam of his that has an energy a bit like Aeroplane's "Above The Clouds" with a slight Ska-KICK.Very well produced. I can't wait to play this. It's actually been on his Soundcloud page for awhile but he's got so damn much music up there I'd not seen it.

TGIK-"Late Walk"

here's his awesome remix of Phoenix's 1901...

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