Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Artings of Ms. Mary O'Malley.

Two of my last three postings have featured what is to me (and others) some very inspiring art from a new favorite. Mary O'Malley is a new name to me but her works have a familiar feel. Not familiar like apple pie or a rainy spring day, but a familiarity which inspires a very welcome contemplation. Though by no means an art critic, I possess a impressionably difficult pair of eyes. Last Thursday was fairly lackluster until I was introduced to Mary and subsequently, her works. Imagine my surprise upon finding this woman is a recent transplant to Boston's north shore (yeah, I am here too)... I am now freshly believing in a world where inspiration can pop out of my dad's hometown willy nilly. Beverly ain't no Brooklyn (Mary's previous zipcode) but the water is cleaner(?) and the living is easy.

Check Mary O'malley's website .


So my man CRED... AKA Chris Edwards has taken a swing at the heart of darkness and knocked her senseless. His new cut Qlouds captured my attention a few days ago and he's graced LMQM with an exclusive download of this glorious cross section of simplicity gone terribly right. I am having some issues with pressing stop on this track. Please enjoy what sounds to me like a beautiful order of business....


Sunday, March 21, 2010


This is a new single from Brooklyn's Sensual Harrassment. I could say to get on these guys while they're still the next big thing. BUT their sound is solid and they have a pretty good shot at some shelf life. They have a sound that MGMT should envy. Not going to get to gushy on this but I highly recommend you carve their name on your forehead and name your child after their deceased guitarist. you can do it. They are produced by Jesse Cannon. You might remember him if you're over 21 from a band called the Cure or under 21 from ANCO. I posted Sensual cut "Daddy Long Legs" a couple months back. This is some high level production value on these tunes. enjoy.

Engineered by Jesse Cannon (The Cure, Animal Collective) and Sensual Harassment.
Mixed by Adam Scheuermann (Coldplay) and Sensual Harassment.

Sensual Harassment-"Fever"

that's the wav btw. listen here...
Fever by sensualharassment


As far as I know this is Little Rock Arkansas first respectable foray into the world of disco, cosmic, psychedelic, slo mo.... etc. Feel free to correct me on that one though.
Ettiem is one cool character and his music shows it. His first vinyl release "Teeth In The Rug" will be for Cosmo Vitelli's mighty I'm A Cliche. Ive been really busy the last few weeks and the blog shows it...
this month has really flown by. Maybe it's a space-time glitch or something but i literally haven't stopped to breathe once in the last 20 days. Anyhow... to make it up I'm posting a bunch of stuff by Ettiem... and there'll be more to come from a couple new artists tommorrow and Wed. Probably :)

Ettiem's is the musical equivalent of what it must be like trying to squeeze through a one foot crack deep on a Mexican Spelunking expidition.

Half-time doubletime scorcher "Goat's Milk"

Ettiem-"Goat's Milk"

Ettiem-"Burn Barrel"

Ettien-"Squash Anyone" AIF