Sunday, March 21, 2010


As far as I know this is Little Rock Arkansas first respectable foray into the world of disco, cosmic, psychedelic, slo mo.... etc. Feel free to correct me on that one though.
Ettiem is one cool character and his music shows it. His first vinyl release "Teeth In The Rug" will be for Cosmo Vitelli's mighty I'm A Cliche. Ive been really busy the last few weeks and the blog shows it...
this month has really flown by. Maybe it's a space-time glitch or something but i literally haven't stopped to breathe once in the last 20 days. Anyhow... to make it up I'm posting a bunch of stuff by Ettiem... and there'll be more to come from a couple new artists tommorrow and Wed. Probably :)

Ettiem's is the musical equivalent of what it must be like trying to squeeze through a one foot crack deep on a Mexican Spelunking expidition.

Half-time doubletime scorcher "Goat's Milk"

Ettiem-"Goat's Milk"

Ettiem-"Burn Barrel"

Ettien-"Squash Anyone" AIF

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