Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lazer and Blazer present 2 LoudmanQuietman XXXclusives

This is my first post in awhile since I've been an indentured servant of late.
I sincerely apolly-gize and asssssure you I'll be back in full force.

These are the latest cuts from my ace-in-the-hole Adam Littleboy and his new production partner Blazer. Adam used to live in Boston a while back during which time he was one of my closest and most loyal friends. In fact, for someone I sometimes don't speak to as often as I'd like.... Adam is one of the most deeply rad guys there is. An extremely creative, inspiring, and imho groundbreaking undergound producer... Adam also kills the ones and twos. One of those really awesome gay guys except minus the man-love these days he cheats on me these days with his newish dj and musicking guy Blazer who is an equally awesome d00d. I am including two cuts in this post.... the first:

Right Moves - Lazer

is just he.

This one...

Rake - Lazer and Blazer

is the both of them.

These are LoudmanQuietman Exclusives! And they are really great cuts also.

Enjoy and please give feedback if you're into these cuts.