Wednesday, November 18, 2009

__________POSR___________ >>>STRAIGHT OUTTA AUSTIN!

The infamous Adam Warped has a new band and they're called POSR. They make kinda of indie elctronic electro punk new age country easy listening hardcore-straight edge kinda music... I dunno. As they say "don't label me". Whatever you wanna call it. There music is definitely more than worth checking out. There's free music, dj mixes and all sorts of good stuff on their blog.

So put that in your pipe an' smoke it.

New stripped down dub influenced HAUS.

This guy Cred does a party in London called "Loose". He also makes some really great kinda sparse, less is more (trying to stay away from the word minimal because it's not) kind of dance stuff. The song Smithereens I'm posting is done under his Ray Burst (stop me if I'm wrong) moniker. The bassline definitely reminds me of a track from 1999 or 2000 by E.B.E called "Held Over". With no further ado...

Ray Burst-"Smithereens"

Awesomeness continues...

I have been listening to this "Guide (Rayko Cosmic Mix)" by Beatfanatic song all morning. A delightful little slice of melody infused cosmic pie. Dacning around my house alone like I was in the movie Home Alone or something. Making fluff sandwiches and sh@t. Crazy I say...
I heart this song...


Beatfanatic-"Guide(Rayko's Cosmic RMX)"

Adam (Acid) Strange Project.... scary monsters...

I got these cuts a couple weeks back from my man Mark Rejekt. They've been on heavy rotation since then. The Mark is (from what I gather) a member of the Disco Outcast from Manchester, UK. The Adam (Acid) Strange page really caught my attention. Everyone's so obsessed these days with disco or minimal techno that when some really brooding house music comes along it almost catches me off guard. Sad to say that but it's true. I guess the last few posts here have been reflecting that a little bit. And my general desire to listen to house music again. Gotta say,did need a break. From age 18-27 (ish) there wasn't much else playing in my vicinity. Needless to say, me and house music needed some time to think things over. We're in love again however. Anyways... there's some great stuff being made now and this is some of it.
And also look for the full Outcasts outfit touring the USA in the late winter (march?)


Adam(Acid)Strange-"Sunrise Over Back Bridge St. (Balearic Wind Remix)"

Adam(Acid)Strange-"Beep Beep (Original Mix)"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Drinking After Midnight in Orlando with Mr. G.F>L

So I ran into this guy on the interwebs a little while back and I've been heckling him for a copy of this one really great track of his "Drinks After Midnight." Using a lush, Milton Jackson-esque synth atmosphere Gary has put together one of my favorite housers of the last year. In the tradition of a lot of the finest techno and housings... "Drinks After Midnight" uses a luxurious synth patch to repeatedly seal the deal ... like happy pink hippie crack. (just an analogy, LMQM in no way condones the use of any color of crack).

Check the G.F>L Soundcloud page. He's really got some tremendous music up there for your ear dancing pleasurzz.

and here's "Drinks After Midnight" on the free download tip.


"Drinks After Midnight" - G.F>L (MP3)

or I highly recommend DLing the WAV if you like the track...


Monday, November 2, 2009

Here's another great one... Leo Zero remix of America's "Horse With No Name"

This edit by Leo Zero, one of the founding members of one of (if not THE) the best bands of the decade... that'd be Mountain Of One. Although the Mountain didn't release a ton of music they managed to be very influential in the present Barearic(engrish?) movement. IMHO. Leo also releases a ton of what he calls edits, and I consider remixes. Here' are three of my fav Mountain songs and a new Leo edit (remix?) of "Horse With No Name".

Mountain Of One-"Freefall"

Mountain Of One-"People Without Love"

Mountain Of One-"Ride"

America-"Horse With No Name (Leo Zero Edit)"

New New Combo R3DIT!

I'm totally on this guys dick for the last 2 months. No problem, neither is it hard to do when he keeps nonchalantly dropping great stuff like this edit of Feist's "Inside and Out".

I love this...

Feist-"Inside and Out(Combo Red-Edit)"