Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Drinking After Midnight in Orlando with Mr. G.F>L

So I ran into this guy on the interwebs a little while back and I've been heckling him for a copy of this one really great track of his "Drinks After Midnight." Using a lush, Milton Jackson-esque synth atmosphere Gary has put together one of my favorite housers of the last year. In the tradition of a lot of the finest techno and housings... "Drinks After Midnight" uses a luxurious synth patch to repeatedly seal the deal ... like happy pink hippie crack. (just an analogy, LMQM in no way condones the use of any color of crack).

Check the G.F>L Soundcloud page. He's really got some tremendous music up there for your ear dancing pleasurzz.

and here's "Drinks After Midnight" on the free download tip.


"Drinks After Midnight" - G.F>L (MP3)

or I highly recommend DLing the WAV if you like the track...


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