Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Artings of Ms. Mary O'Malley.

Two of my last three postings have featured what is to me (and others) some very inspiring art from a new favorite. Mary O'Malley is a new name to me but her works have a familiar feel. Not familiar like apple pie or a rainy spring day, but a familiarity which inspires a very welcome contemplation. Though by no means an art critic, I possess a impressionably difficult pair of eyes. Last Thursday was fairly lackluster until I was introduced to Mary and subsequently, her works. Imagine my surprise upon finding this woman is a recent transplant to Boston's north shore (yeah, I am here too)... I am now freshly believing in a world where inspiration can pop out of my dad's hometown willy nilly. Beverly ain't no Brooklyn (Mary's previous zipcode) but the water is cleaner(?) and the living is easy.

Check Mary O'malley's website .

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