Friday, March 28, 2008

Shari Vari 7

This is a mix by none other than Todd Terje and Dolle Jolle. Todd is the disco prankster of Norway. These Shari Vari mixes are something to hear. I can't get this one off the ole boom-box.
Shari Vari is the party these guys do in Norway(?) ... at least I'm pretty sure of that one. BUT.... they make these mixes to promote the party (correct me if I'm wrong) Anyways... Todd is one of my favorite remixer/editor of the last couple years.

here's the tracklisting:

They Came From The Stars, I Saw Them – Signals (Emperor Machine mix)
Lalula – Supa Bajo (Emperor Machine mix)
Scissor Sisters – Other Side (Idjut Boys mix)
Loud E – Sex E
Baricentro – Tittle Tattle (Borat edit)
Beck – Black Tambourine
Matt Bianco – Smooth (edit)
The Human League РThe Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Justus Köhncke dub)
Leo Young – Lee Tong’s Revenge
Olivia Newton John – Magic

and here's the file:

Shari Vari #7

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