Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stranglers - No Mercy Edit

This is an edit I just did of the Stranglers song No Mercy... 2 hours well spent I guess.. I like that people think of the Stranglers as a straight pop band but this track sounds more like The The meets early house music... check the drum roll.

Stranglers - No Mercy (Bliss Edit)
ATTN.!! This edit has been removed because I decided to give the band credit... what did I expect though, ralllllly.


Kris said...

Hey man, I think the link is busted? Shame as I love the Stranglers [I play 'Bear Cage' quite a lot!] Would love to hear this!

Great blog! Your edits are ace.

Respect from Scotland!


Shawn Ryan said...

I'd also love to check it out if possible