Saturday, December 5, 2009

Check me out 5 am EST on in Yogjakarta, Idonesia.

I recently met a really hardworking and talented dj/music afficianado out of Yogjakarta, Indonesia named Bintang. Along with dj Ones, Bintang does a weekly dj mix broadcast on called MYSTICAL! They are into some really great music and if I didnt know any better I'd think they were broadcasting from Brooklyn or something. It gives me warm fuzzies to know that there are people on the direct opposite side of the planet into the same stuff we are here in (presently snowy) Boston.
Last week's MYSTICAL! featured fellow East coaster Nick Chacona and this sunday for their 7th broadcast they've asked me to put together some content. It's been awhile since making a mix so this was a good excuse to put together some really great new music. You'll hear unreleased stuff from Rayko, Eddie Mars, Ray Burst and the Disco Outcasts. As well as a healthy dosage of Enya (is there such a thing?)
Mystical! airs at 5 AM EST DEC 7 (yes you read that right) aka 5 PM in Jakarta. Nice of them to make it exactly a half a day later there. I'm gonna have to start hitting them up for stock tips and insight into my sports betting. aaanyways....
I'll post the archived show sometime tommorrow. please hit me up with any questions about the artists.

also... I know I'm not huge on posting viral videos and alla that.... but this has to be one of the best vids I've seen in a long time...

I can't tell you how many times I've thought of how strange it will be when we're all going out dancing and we're in our eighties. It seems somehow more normal to be 85 yrs old and listening to swing or something. We'll all probably be too deaf to hear it by that point anyhow I suppose. Well on my way over here. This poor lady actually reminds me of how I feel sometimes going out to electro nights filled with 18 year old 'Look At Me's that have never actually put half a thought into how to dance. This lady's looking around thinking... "can I get some mutha fuckin' Pepe Braddock BITCH!?"

I guess while I'm here I should post some music. This is the best cut from Swedish boogie band Toba's early 80's single "Moving Up" This LP catches a pretty penny. I don't think I could sell the mp3 for much though.

Toba-"Moving Up"

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