Saturday, December 5, 2009

CountrAAAAAy Disco...

So I've been repping the Kountry3astern thing for awhile now and everything. bla bla. The fact that disco was probably more (commercially) popular than rock in the late 70's led to some terrible genre crossbreeds. One of my personal favorites is thew whole country disco thing. This genre almost certainly never existed in any practical dancefloor sense. Outside of David Grusin, Kenny Rogers, and Dolly Parton's warped fantasy worlds, it's highly improbable this world of woven silk lassooz and cocaine encrusted pick-up trucks ever existed for more than ))))one fleeting night(((( outside of the Hollywood smolder of Electric Horsemen. I did a post on the Electric Horseman a couple years back and you can download a track or two from the vinyl. Anyways. I'm not going to disclose any more of my secrets right now but one man who is ahead of me in this racquet is Mnsnr. Peter Visti. I'm posting his "Dolly EP" from a year and a half or so back. It's a 3 tracker on Mindless Boogie. Just ripped this from vinyl. Eat your heart out pre-silicone Dolly Parton stahlz.

Dolly EP_MB06

"Dolly" - Peter Visti Edit
"Rain" - Peter Visti Edit
"The Ritz" - Peter Visti Edit

Ever been there for a party that you could feel kicking off a new 'subgenre' or 'trend'? Would your life have been better if you were at woodstock?
Have you ever met Janis Joplin? What's the next 'sub genre'?

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