Sunday, December 13, 2009

He who's remixes are better than the Originals. . .

That Guy I know. Keeping with the, 'Music I Hear In My Head But Am Not Skilled Enough To Get Down In A Timely Fashion' theme here at LMQM. This Guy I Know does remixes of pop songs that really couldn't be any better. He then pulls some sort of 'well if by yes you mean no then, maybe' type fanciness on you and forces you to guzzle a quart of tequila and cry for hours. What a bastard.
AKA Derek Riddle, This Guy is responsible the best remix I've yet heard of #1 candidate for 'Contrived Earth-Pop Anthem of the Year' Accolade "We Are The People" by the previously mentioned Empire of the Sun. If anyone can think of a way to get this remix of of my/your head... please feel free.
I am always sayng how it's all about simplicity and blah blah... well. Simple is as simple does but TGIK's remixes kick ass.
Here's a little taste....

Empire Of The Sun-"We Are The People(TGIK REMIX!)

Mark Morrisson-"Return of the Mack(TGIK REMIX!)

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