Sunday, April 4, 2010

LORD OF THE ISLES... Psychedelic Warriors

The air is ripe with possibilities this Spring. It's the Spring Equinox.. known here as Easter. New musical genres are beginning to come of age. Dubstep is well on it's way to supplanting electro as the hipster crack of choice. And over here in grown-folks land... the 'Slow Motion', 'Cosmic' disco thing is really beginning to take a new form that is transcending it's roots in the 70's and 80's. With artists like AC, Rayko, and Zeus & Apollo cutting music that transcends and Beat Broker putting out mixtapes of all new music clocking well under 100 bpm. Labels launching to specialize in this kind of music like ANOE's Chris Keys' "Lion After Slumber".
To say this is the start of something really cool would be an understatement. This is the start of mainstream awareness of things that shamans have known for millenia. This is the start of scientific confirmation for things once relegated to the fringes of astrology, religion, and metaphysics The way music is heading is reflective of people's collective awareness. Awareness of the consciousness shifts about to hit our planet and way of life. All matter is comprised of vibrations. The inside of Quarks is nothing but a certain vibrational resonance. You can feel this realization crackling it's way through music and culture like electricity.
How else can you explain the appearance of eerily relevant outsider dance music like dubstep from seemingly out of NOWHERE, made by kids that haven't graduated high school., or the sudden simultaneous worldwide obsession and creation of a certain obscure kind of "techno" that is so slow people would've walked off the dance floor if it was played 10 years ago. But it's not slow. It's fast. We're just all starting to dance to a different drummer.
Our mitochondria is beginning to vibrate at a higher frequency. Thus those already tuned in are perceiving things like music much differently. People that are going to think I'm nuts for saying this stuff are going to think I'm nuts. But people that feel what I'm feeling will identify very much with what I'm saying. I'm pretty sure that most of this is NOT the rant of a mad man :\ I'm very confident that all things will be explained to those of us that are willing to understand.

In the mean time... I listen to music.

Here's an exclusive download from Lord Of The Isles. This wafting cosmic jounrney is here JUST in time for spring and the misty synths bring to mind Kool & The Gangs "Summer Madness".

Lord Of The Isles - "Naukluft Park"

and their remix of Henley's "Boy's of Summer"

Lord Of The Isles-"Boys Of Summer"

also... here's a link to a dubstep mix by Doctor P. which I've been bumping quite a bit lately.. guilty pleasures alert.

Doctor P's Disrupt Inc. Mix

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