Friday, April 2, 2010


So how's everyone feelin' about the new particle accelerator in Switzerland? CERN. How big a black hole will they have to produce for the Nephilim to squeeze through? Are the Nephilim what They Might Be Giants were really talking about in "Particle Man"? Are John Linell and John Flansburgh really puppets of the NWO? discuss.

So I officially live in a flood plain as of 2 weeks ago. Two floods in two weeks. What's wrong with this picture? Feeling somewhat like a third world country over here... that's fine, I can't afford the air fare anyhow.
Here's an amazing dj mix by the Sensual Harassment guys. Bollyhood they're calling it. It's a bunch of really tasty Indian funk music from back in the day.

"Bollyhood"-Sensual Harassment

1.chand mera dil – mohammed rafi
2.laila o laila – amit kumar,chorus & kanchan
3.pehle pehle pyar ki – bappi lahiri
4.boom boom – nazia hassan
5.jeena bhi kya – bappi lahiri & salma agha
6.jimmy jimmy jimmy aaja – parvati khan

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