Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mo' Music

Thanks to Chris at Another Night On Earth for the kind words to day in blog-land. It's really exciting to communicate with people from the other side of the globe that have such similar musical interests. For anyone linking in from A.N.O.E... I wanted to give links to my several myspace music accounts...
Dances With Horses is the name for my remix/edit project even though I rarely use that name in reality. I also have a project with by boy Chas Bronz which we have titled Ranger Rick, there's only one track up there right now but people really seem to like it. It was actually a clandestine operation 'till about a month ago when somehow, the cat was let out of the bag. I probably had one too many at the club. You can also get information on A:Kult which is my monthly party with Brenden Wesley of Creatures of Habit HERE. We've had a slew of great guests @ A;Kult... the last of which was a tag team set from Brennan Green and The Bogman available below on the blog. Other guests have included Holy Ghost!, Lee Douglas, and Runaway. I plan to post their sets soon. We have every single A:Kult set EVER recorded digitally somewhere. I am trying to compile them all right now as they've not been organized in a proper fashion.
This Friday night is the next installment of Balearia. The flyer is above if you didn't notice. I am posting an edit of little known Swedish pop group Ago by Ranger Rick, an original by Alan parsons Project and a track by one of my favs Akwaaba. Enjoy and I'll see some of you Friday night at The Pig.

Ranger Rick - For you

Alan Parsons Project - I wouldn't want to be like you

Akwaaba - Just Pilau

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