Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ZomboCombo is in the house... Friday May 16th.. @ Balearia

The illustrious Dompteur Mooner...
and his merry band ZomboCombo will be in Boston Friday at the Squealing Pig....
ZomboCombo... kicks azzzz...
serrrriously... check the link... www.zombocombo.com.. I just embeded it but I can't stress their website enough. Here's a TV bit on Zombocombo
The infamous Pollyester is in the band as well... she is quite accomplishedas well and she has tons of other projects with links embedded here:
Platzmer Gun
Mooner is mad infulential in the scenes that I run in and compiled the Elaste Vol. 1 Cosmic comp.which was seminally influential in the reblossoming cosmic scene. A scene that has been an undercurrent to the disco/techno/house music scenario since the early 80's. I am in terrible danger of digression right now so I'll just say that this friday at the Squealing Pig in Mission Hill, some of the most talented and innovating people in the Berlin music scene will be in Boston.
dr. mooner - making a slip
Kamerikino (Feat. Pollyester)- Finger Of Love (Original)
Kamerikino (Feat. Pollyester)- Finger Of Love (Lefthanded)

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