Saturday, April 26, 2008

BALEARIA last night was....

..... great fun! Thanks to everyone that made it out last night. It was great to see so many new faces. There were actually only like twenty people there that I even knew which was a refreshing change. Not that I don't like seeing people I know, it's just quite refreshing. Sometimes I think that the Boston music scene is made up of the same 243 people. I was especially glad to have people coming up to the turntables with more than just the intention of staring me down until their ridiculously uninformed request appeared magically in my record crate. Some people have a really hard time wrapping their head around the fact that I don't collect rap-rock, bad folk music or top 40 (for the most part) and even if I did, the chance of me bringing the exact lame track they probably listen to on repeat for the intention of studging their I.Q. to below the down syndrome mark to the club is exactly .0%. Peanut Butter Wolf's" vinyl weighs a ton" but I think mine weighs a lot more, therefore I don't carry all 73 crates to the club three times a week. Actually had one chick that was straight off Hampton Beach acting ALL appalled because I didn't have the new Modisyahoo (i don't know how to spell that right, nor do I care to take the time to google it) to play at her behest, she stared me down for literally 15 minutes right as I got into the club and I had to set up the equipment with two beady hazel eyes, framed by greasy hair spray-head reaming a hole in my cerebellum. Convinced that I thought I was better than her, said she . Definitely need to keep my snickers to myself when people make atrocious requests. I laughed out loud and she hates me. Oh WELL! Some other guy requests"that Daft Punk song the world is round" and I laughed again... he didn't pick up on it though and he laughed with me, secure in his snuggly blankie of mis-knowledge that the mention of Daft Punk is a funny. The night went off great though. At one point there were 40 people in front of me on the dance floor literally jumping up and down, chanting in a yell "Go Dj Go Dj GO!"... That was special. The people that work at the Squealing Pig are all really chill ( props to Terence) and the clientele is very open to new music and really up to snuff on their knowledge there-of, someone actually knew who Leon Russell was when I played Carney. Damn Gina! This night is definitely going to be the new summer jump-off!! ! Rave-On!
Anyways... I am going to post some music tonight by this African singer named Gifrants. I don't know anything about this guy except that I bought a cd off of him in the subway because his music almost made me cry tears of manic joy in front of total strangers and I like that. These songs are certainly in existence for the purpose of lulling feral wildebeasts to sleep.
Taken from the album Vwa e Gita.

Gifrants - Selen We
Gifrants - Sa Nou Blye Nou Pap Fe
Gifrants - Mesi Dye

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