Thursday, April 24, 2008

Whithering ditherings from from beyond oblivions

Yeah... whatever you say buddy. So a lot of people make music but not everyone can kick ass while they do it. M'man Spook Rock is fully capable of carrying out both typically unrelated processes in a simultaneous manner. You gotta love the interwebs because I come to find out Spook was living in Boston until just recently and we never met. You think a city like Boston is really small because most people run in the same little clique circles but then it jumps out and surprises you to find out that a talented cat like he was living right around the corner and we'd never met... so thanks Myspace, although you are a devilish invention hell-bent on creating a database of earthlings unrivaled by anything except for maybe the I.R.S. (sidenote... check America: Freedom to Fascism to get your conspiracy theory on. There are tons of other documentaries HERE but watch out, that Masonic conspiracy theory shit is a VIRUS for your soul) we love you and your information hording technology (I think I am in danger of digressing). Spook produces beats for Dr. Midnight as well as Arabella Disco which I am told is his new label set for launch any moment. All the music he has up is great by anyone's standards but he sent me a track a couple of days ago that really blew me away. BlackStar is a dub of a forthcoming Dr. Midnight track and it kicks my ass so hard that I have a wedgie. Having a hard time getting it out of my head which is funny because that usually doesn't happen with dubs (no lyrics and all). I have also been informed that Spook is, as we speak half in the bag sending emails to people which ask them not to tell the world that he likes gay house and sunsets :) No, but seriously, he's a very talented guy and surely will do some maximum dommmage.

Dr. Midnight - BlackStar (Spook Dub)

I will now end this posting with a video of A Mountain of One. They have been a huge inspiration to me and if there's any hope for mankind they'll someday get the recognition they deserve as one of the best bands of the present decade. This song is obviously overdubbed with the studio version of the song (check out the woman singer) but hoo kares! I discovered AMO1 about 2 years ago when I started going through what has turned out to be a very extended rough oatch with my soon to be now EX-wife. Don't try that one out unless you have to. Anyways... AMO1 was there to caress my booboos and at the same time make me feel music taste superior to the ex-inator. THANK YOU A Mountain of One, there will never be need for another mountain. Not to mention they ushered in the new era of triangle flossing balearic bands. But that's another tale for another time. Wow, it looks like my blog was gotten on tonight I should have tooken it to the streets, but instead I tooked it to the screen. See some of you tommorrow night for Balearia at the Squealing Pig.

PS... My girlfriend Alexis looks really cute right now snoring next to me. It's not so much snoring as a sort of advanced clicking noise. Outstanding!

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