Monday, November 17, 2008

Green Eyed Lady dub-a-rub

This is a redit/dub whatever you want to call it that I did of the disco version of Green Eyed Lady. This version is on Claridge and was put together in '78 by Total Unity. The original is by Sugarloaf. I found this record in the garment district's basement about 4 years ago and paid like 10 cents for it or something ridiculous. They no longer have records there BTW, sorry to get your hopes up. 6 years ago the district (in Cambridge, Ma) had about 50,000 pieces of vinyl in it's basement and it took me about 6 months to talk my way down there. I had to promise the manager at the time that I'd spend at least $100. Needless to say, at 10 cents a copy, that bought a lot of thTUFF. I did this dub about 3 years ago now and have no idea why I haven't put it out there yet. Hope y'all enjoy. Wav and MP3 versions...

Green Eyed Lady -Scott's Country3astern dub-a-rub(WAV) - Just a note, the first WAV I posted needed to be EQed. I done did it s this is the better one.

MP3 version

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whitepunksondope said...

Strange..I just found a blog that had posted the original track and I commented that this is one track that needs a reedit to do it full justice and lo and behold I got beaten to it! You certainly have done the track justice, picking out the more psychedelic aspects of the track..a perfect groove.
It would be great if you could post this in a higher bitrate, especially given the fact the original re-edit you did was in wav!
At first I didn't make the connection, you are Country&Eastern! Love the tracks you did that were posted on AOR disco blog, you sir, are a man of taste & distinction!