Friday, August 14, 2009

Press Play #27 ... Mix of The Summer

Thanks to the immittibbabbllee Crhistopher Keys... I am given all but recluse from thanks to his newest Press Play series...

Definitive Mix of the Month....)S(


PressPlay #27 or #22 ... whatever... says two different things...

like seriously though. Big ups AGAIN. to Tony Underground. A man who is in an epic symbiousis with the glorious mixing without mixing...


1. Peter Gabriel – Biko
2. Vic Coppersmith Heaven – Pengosekan
3. Brian Briggs – Aeo
4. DJ Food – The Dawn
5. Black Mamba – Lost In Ituri
6. Odyssey – Ajamora Roots Suite
7. Project Sandro – Blazer
8. Ronny & Renzo – Uniqorns
9. Bob Marley – Waiting In Vain (Ambient Dub Translation)
10. Zoot Simms – African Challenge
11. Zinc – Amazon
12. The Unknown Cases – Masimbabele
13. Earth, Wind & Fire – Kalimba Tree
14. The Congo’s – Congoman
15. Andre Ceccarelli – Life Is Only Real Here
16. Harald Grosskopf – Emphasis
17. Johnny Harris – Footprints On The Moon

don't let the breeze blow away your jammy blanky.


brian said...

yo bro going to great barrington area next week to see RC. give us a call

Scott Bliss said...

brian??? b rian bryan? amayl me at

Scott Bliss said...

ohohohohohho .... RC..
Im in Meerimmac nh kid