Thursday, June 25, 2009

////////SPATIAL PROFILING\\\\\\\\

So for fear of being the only blog in the world not to mention Michael jackson, I am not going to mention Michael Jackson. If I don't mention Michael Jackson, will my inter-existence spiral off into an oblivion of zeros and ones? For not mentioning Michael Jackson will I somehow be the top search result for people googling nothing? If I google _ will my name come up next to a picture of Stephen Hawkings breakdancing? If I go onto Comm. ave and attempt to engage someone in a conversation not pertaining to Michael Jackson will a yellow danish modern sofa drop out of a wormhole next to me and crush an asian midget? Is it really a coincidence that it rained for 20 days straight and suddenly stopped 15 minutes before the gloved one was rushed to an emergency room in "California?" Did Farah Fawcett's PR people realize the unnacceptable error in their judgement yesterday? Talk about poor planning, people... get on the BALL! These are serious questions that need answers, NOW! While you're all frantically struggling to unearth the answers to these hard questions which the "drive-by media" is ignoring, Rush Limbaugh is igniting the talk radio circuit with hardline rhetoric daring to connect the dots between Obama's involvement in "Operation Iranian Freedom" and Michael's suspiciously missing glove. Coincidence? I think so.

While poring through my old cassette collection for proof of artifial intelligence, I was disturbed and delighted to find a "track" I made 5 or so years back with the ever broadening hips and lips of America's sexiest Adam Littleboy. As you listen to this high quality download, please think about how we as Americans and citizens of the world can prevent the next Michael Jackson debacle. Just say NO to music!!!!

Warmer Winter-Spacial Profiling (Adam Littleboy & Scott Bliss)

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