Saturday, June 20, 2009

Matters & Dunaway ... if one more person says electronica, I'm gonna...

Matters & Dunaway is the illustrious Andre Obin on bass and vox alongside programming of Tom Gallagher. I am pretty sure they both work on the production side of things. They are yet another reason Boston is kicking ass. When I hear their name I think of the famous interview with Pink Floyd years ago when they were asked by the hapless interviewer "which one's Pink?" Like, which one's Matters? I have to say that it's pretty difficult to come up with a new sound in these times of global musical exponentials. However, Andre and Tom have managed to do so. I know I'm a little bit late to this party, but when I heard Dystopian Dream a few months back I got chills down my spine. I'd also like to note that the term "electronica" is a heap of bull manufactured by some re-tread who thought Prodigy was actually interesting back in 1998. "Wow, they're so cutting edge" the man said, "no one makes music like this." As he slunk back into his cave of mediocrity, 2.3 million people around the globe snickered and put on a Richie Hawtin mixtape. But I digress. Somehow both epic and understated, please enjoy the genre bending post-proto-doubletime loveliness of the otherworldly Matters and Dunaway.

Matters & Dunaway-Control The Night
Matters & Dunaway-Resolution Now!
Matters & Dunaway-Memorial
Matters & Dunaway-Dystopian Dream

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