Friday, May 15, 2009

Warm spring days make me think of... VIKINGS!!!

Here's two tracks from a couple of honorary vikings. Actually, I guess if it was about 3,000 years ago they'd probably be more than honorary... Rune would probably have been the more intimidating of the two. I can't imagine running too fast with someone named "The Todd" running at me in his interestingly patterened speed-os.

Nautilus is one of those tracks that you kind of wonder how the world was rotating before it came into existence. Or like, maybe it's always been there and Rune just discovered. A definite instant classic. I know people say instant classic more than instant milk, but this really is one of the top tracks of the last couple years. IMHOE!


Todd Terje is one of the more prolific remixer/editors of the last 4 or so years. I have a personal obsession with his chiseled with feathers edit style that seriously blurs the line between edit and original and remix... or whatever. Always purrrfect.
That be "The Todd". This is his "edit" of the Jose Gonzalez track "Killing For Love"


Also don't forget Todd and Dolle's mixtape series ShariVari... named coincidentally after a track by the massive European disco rockers Supermax. . . the same guys I just did a quickie edit of that'll be featured on the second best blog in the world...ANOE.

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