Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Leftside Wobble/Linda Lewis Awesomeness

Linda Lewis is considered a seminal musician of the 70's. Born in East London, she lived the majority of the 70's hanging out with people like Marc Bolan, Elton John, Cat Stevens, and Soft Machine's vocalist and drummer Robert Wyatt. Though quite famous in the 70's, some consider her career to have never met it's potential in the longevity department. She is presently in thew midst of a bit of a revival with support from such musicians as Common, Basement Jaxx, and Jamiroquai.
Leftside Wobble's Jonathan Moore just sent me this perfect edit of Linda Lewis' Sideways Shuffle. This is definitely my favorite edit of the month. EASY. I love the fact that he really added alot to the track without changing it's essence. Thanks Jonathan!


JM said...

Thanks for the props fella.

Scott Bliss said...

fella 1 to fella 2