Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Grace Jones Remix Express Keeps On Rollin'

There have been quite a few remixes of Grace's "William's Blood" kickin' around the interwebs. I posted an Aeroplane version about a month or so back that I really dug, like with a large shovel, over and over again.

But so much for their version because Mr. Greg Wilson took a break from tape edits to whip up what might be compared to the musical version of being mugged by a very well dressed tug-boat. Whatever that means the world may never know, BUT... Greg is constantly changing up the percussion, vocal snips, dubbed out blissness. I spend my days looking for one or two amazing snare sounds to give my music that extra oomph. This track switches around between about 15 different snares. Just one of which I would trade my left one for. And on top of that, after teasing you with little vocal bits and bops for the entire song... they never kick in. In retrospect, it's all the better for it. I actually coerced my sister, a Grace Jones worshiper, to listen to the song with me. I was positive that at some point the full vocal loop kicked in. I'd listened to the song 7 or 8 times by then and had no excuse for my ignorance except for the fact that Greg teases with such a perfection as to have you almost hear the chorus without it even playing. I have no other way to describe it. This is one of my favorites of the last 6 months. FERR SHERR....

with no further ado...

Grace Jones - Williams Blood (Greg Wilson makes it mo' betta)

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