Saturday, December 27, 2008

The String Pusher

So I really hope that people enjoy this song. I put it together in a desperate fever of emotional overload and it probably shows. Put this up briefly a few posts ago under a working title but now it's EQed and really ready to roll. Heard on a LOUD system the other night and it kind of blew me away. Which doesn't happen every day. Definitely on the slower end of the bpm spectrum but by the time you're half way through tempo is of no object.

Anyways.. I really hope some of you like. Inspired by my muse who will be greatly missed by many on the northeastern seaboard.
Also... BIG thanks to Chris at Another Night on Earth for the blog love and SpiritBear from Acid Test for the love.


The String Pusher - Scott Bliss (Kountry3astern)
for all those who care.... the WAV version


james said...

Just checked your track on anoe.....followed the link ;-) I for one, am well chuffed to get it as a will be getting played at the sub club in Glasgow tonight :-) Many thanks and a happy new year.


Evan said...

Yo ScottyBliss - love the new track, very soothing and thought provoking. Keep it up bro!

Scott Bliss said...

thanks james... let me know how people like it.

Daniel said...

your track is fantastic, definitely something special to drop

thanks for making it available as wav file, will definitely watch out for the release on vinyl!

AIS-T said...

Much love from Heavensinki, Finland!
The wav is very appreciated also.. will play it extensively on my radio show for sho.

thebeathunters said...

it's a very nice tune, indeed.

thanks to riuchy sakamoto and gustavo santaolalla who composed it for Alejandro González Iñárritu's "babel" film score...

it's the first segment of "Bibo No Aozora/Endless Flight/Babel"
and riuchy's touch is particularly brilliant.

scott, your reconstruction adds an interesting and sensitive housey edge to the original.

i hope you've cleared the rights or fix up things with the big guys before it's out. your version deserves it.

Scott Bliss said...

yes... if it is realeased that will be taken care of. thanks for the specifics. I've actually been searching for the "Bibo No Aozora/Endless Flight/Babel" title to no avail and wanted to get it out before new years for people to play.

Shawn Ryan said...

I need a late pass... Hey Scott, I was just catching up on Loudman and noticed that you posted the Loving Hand RMX of Lykke Li a while back. The link is down and I'm wondering if you have a 320 or wav of it. If so, can you hook a brother up? The only thing I can find online is a 128, won't sell it to me because of territory restrictions and no one on Hollerboard has it. Thanks!