Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Hey... sorry about the slack of posts the last week. I really am sorry. I swerrr.
I am going to post a bunch of stuff because that's what you do this time of year.
Get nostalgic about better days... or if you're lucky like me you listen to your 4 year old say the cutest things ever. She saves my life. Done gushing though.
This first thing is the live album 500 Miles High by the ama-a-a-zing (did I say amazing?)Flora Purim. Hailing from Rio, Flora has quite an impressive body of work out there, mostly Brazilian jazz but also including the Return To Forever album I posted a month or so ago done with with Chick Corea. I recorded it into the 'forge awhile ago with the intention of editing. Haven't done that yet though and I'm feeling nice so here it is. This album was actually a gift from Fernanda, the wonderfully eccentric landlord and neighbor of a very close friend. She actually gave me a whole stack of really substantial vinyl finds. All she asked in return was that I record **THIS** album to digital format for her. So here it is...

Flora Purim - 500 Miles High

tracklist (in order of recorded side b first, to be confusing):
B1 Baia (4:33)
B2 Uri (The Wind) (6:22)
B3 Jive Talk (9:59)
A1 O Cantador (5:22)
A2 Bridge (1:45)
A3 500 Miles High (5:42)
A4 Cravo E Canela (6:59)

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