Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Anybody for some Wang?

I think I'm going to post a bunch of music from the past few years that I really love. Just so all you poseurs can pretend you've known all along.. heh.. kidding.

Everyone knows Daniel Wang would be considered partially responsible for the present disco renaissance except for the fact that he started Balihu in the early-mid-nineties. (sidenote: I love the fact that there're no Balihu records for sale on Ebay right now). Here's an interview with mr. wang. So maybe he as just behind the times? Who really cares. Anyways, this is one of his more recent... and it's on Ghostly Intl.

Berlin Sunrise - Daniel Wang

And this is one of two versions of Panoramic from the 2002 e.p. of the same name, on Playhouse (the now classic label consistently responsible for some the best releases of the last decade).

Panoramic (Acid Cha Cha) - Daniel Wang

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